F23 Podcast

F23 Podcast Lost Tape feat Sama'an Ashrawi

April 01, 2021 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Podcast Lost Tape feat Sama'an Ashrawi
Show Notes

Welcome to the F23 Podcast Sama'an Ashrawi a Palestinian American Producer, Journalist and Podcast host. We talk about, and Sama'an tells the story of, another Palestinian American called Geeby Dajani an inspiring tale of trailblazing pioneer on the New York punk and Hip-Hop scene. As will become clear Geeby had been in my life since my teens I'd just never noticed him before until I discovered his story in Sama'an's journalism. So if you've ever watch the movie The Warriors, listened to the Beastie Boys or watched that CBGBs footage of Bad Brains then geeby has been in your life, take a listen and find out more.
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Twitter: @SamaanAshrawi
Podcast http://thenostalgiamixtape.com/

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