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F23 Podcast E23 feat Richard Rasa

April 15, 2021 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Podcast E23 feat Richard Rasa
Show Notes

Episode 23 had to be a special one, and it really is a hail Eris of an episode! Feat 'Rasa' Richard Rasa. Rasa is one half of Hilaritas Press an independent publishing company releasing reissues of the works of the great modern day mystic Robert Anton Wilson ( the other half being his daughter Christina).  If you are a fan of Pope Bob then this episode is for you. We talk about; his friendship with Bob, how Rasa got to know him and what it was like spending time with the great man, the process of reissuing his books, Starseed Signals and how the this lost manuscript was saved quite literally at the last moment from the dumpster of doom . We also talk about Rasa's  Starseed music and experiences with psychedelics. This really is one not to be missed, and what is clear by the end of this conversation that much like RAW, we have the honour spending time with a truly good and great human.
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