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F23 Lost Tape feat Claudia Boulton

April 28, 2021 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Lost Tape feat Claudia Boulton
Show Notes

The final (for now) F23 Podcast Lost Tape feat Claudia Boulton. I accidentally deleted this conversation from my sound card, and with a little help from some friends, saved about half the audio and it's really worth taking that time to listen to.  Claudia is an awesome being and you will love hearing about her time in feminist theatre  company Beryl and the Perils and her experiences with the Institute for Ecotechnics is not to be missed. Claudia is a writer, actor, producer and performer in both productions of The Cosmic Trigger Play. 
Find Claudia:
Twitter: @cloudbolt23
Unfinished  Histories: https://www.unfinishedhistories.com/interviews/interviewees-a-e/claudia-boulton/
The Mycelium: https://the-mycelium.com/team/claudia-boulton/

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