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F23 Podcast E32 Feat Blue Netherclift

December 16, 2021 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Podcast E32 Feat Blue Netherclift
Show Notes

Welcome to E32 of the F23 Podcast in this episode I chat with Blue is the father of 2 young boys with another baby on the way. His eldest lives in the UK and Blue in Canada and so to be a proactive father takes resilience and creativity and as you can see he's found lots of ways to stay connected. From taking up skateboarding (aged 45) to FaceTime dance parties, recording bedtime stories on Mp3 to online photo albums, tracking his calendar at school so I know what he is doing each week, he is an engaged and resilient long distance parent and full time Dad. He is now using his podcast Dad Without Borders to shed light on the positive aspects of being a Dad on the shitty side of a break up with kids, while chatting to Dads about their challenges, all with a positive spin and professional feedback from his inner circle of professionals.  Blue works to expose Dads as being often undervalued and overlooked and an integral part of any child's life as we move into a new era of fatherhood. 
Keep a watchout for my own appearance on Dad Without Borders too.

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