F23 Podcast

F23 Podcast E36 feat Bang Crosby

January 25, 2022 Jamie
F23 Podcast
F23 Podcast E36 feat Bang Crosby
Show Notes

In this episode I chat with the delightfully bad fractal that is Bang Crosby, lead singer of Bad Fractals their debut album is produced by Youth Glover of Killing Joke fame. We talk Conspiracy theory, making art and magic, Pigs the Musical, the Book of Horkos, giving up drink and loads more. You'll love this conversation keep an eye out for tour info and music releases.

Find Bang
Bad Fractals Bandcamp: https://badfractals.bandcamp.com/
Disco Devils: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD2zh3BzXn4&ab_channel=BadFractals

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