Running the Bases with Small Businesses

Aiko Stevenson - Mika & Milo

October 04, 2021 Randy Rohde & Aiko Stevenson Season 2 Episode 2
Running the Bases with Small Businesses
Aiko Stevenson - Mika & Milo
Show Notes

Running the Bases today with Aiko Stevenson the Founder at Mika & Milo - a luxurious children's apparel brand located in Hong Kong.  Award-winning cashmere for kids, Mika & Milo was born out of a rich history in textiles: Aiko's family has been working with natural fibers for well over a century.

Aiko had a distinguished career in Broadcast Journalism before setting her sights on being an entrepreneur and small business owner.   Aiko, who was educated in the United Kingdom, went on to study at Columbia University, The University of Hong Kong and the University of Edinburgh.  She then went onto the world of Broadcast Journalism working for the BBC, CNN, CNBC Europe.  After a distinguished career in Journalism - she decided to join the family business of sorts - Creating Her Current Passion - the Award Winning Luxury Children’s Clothing Company, named for her own children - Mika & Milo.

Aiko is joined by her partner and husband Henry as they share their experiences of starting a children’s luxury brand - cashmere for kids.  We talk through the pains of finding the right materials and partners, plus how difficult it is engaging Buyers in a world firmly in the pandemic grasp.

We explore the challenges and controversies of operating a textile company with a passion for sustainability and commitment to the environment.  The cornerstone of any textile business is the materials that it uses. And at Mika & Milo they believe in using Sustainable Natural materials which do not put any further strain on the planet.

It’s an informative show as we explore the process of producing quality wool from goats and creating a durable and luxurious product in cashmere.  Come along for the journey!

Learn more about cashmere for kids and Mika & Milo at

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