Coaching Kids Curling

Junior Curling In Scotland With Scott Dakers, Curl Edinburgh

July 16, 2022 Season 1 Episode 89
Coaching Kids Curling
Junior Curling In Scotland With Scott Dakers, Curl Edinburgh
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Show Notes

What does youth curling look like in Scotland? In this episode, I have a conversation with Scott Dakers, from Livingston, Scotland, just outside of Edinburgh. We talk about his experience working with the Gogar Park Young Curlers at Curl Edinburgh, the competitive pathway, as well as how success in Beijing affected their junior program.

Some of the topics we discuss:
* An introduction to the junior curling program at Curl Edinburgh (2:59)
* Who coaches the kids on the ice? (8:48)
* How do new kids join their program? (13:27)
* Three fun drills ("Your Side," "Short Curling" & "Box") for kids (19:18)
* Advice for coaches who want to use video with kids (21:52)
* The "Performance Pathway" for competitive curlers (24:51)
* Young curlers play with many other curlers at different competitions (28:03)
* Importance of having coaches on the ice during youth competitions (31:31)
* Scott's "It's My Call" Drill where they visualize the shot they're making (32:47)
* Effect of Scottish success at the Beijing 2022 Olympics on Scott's junior program (35:53)

Links to the resources mentioned in this episode:

Curl Edinburgh Web site

Gogar Park Young Curlers FB Web site

"Ice Diamond Award" citation for Jenny Barr ( 2022 Scottish Curling Awards)

Scottish Curling Skill Awards

"Drills & Coaching Aids" Resource Page (Scottish Curling Web site)

British Curling Performance Pathway

Scott's E-mail Address:

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Glenn Gabriel is an NCCP-certified curling coach who lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He has been the coordinator of the Little Rocks (U12) program at East York Curling Club in Toronto since 2011. If you have a question or feedback on the podcast, send us an e-mail at

The intro and outro music is "Golden Sunrise (Instrumental Version)"

By Josh Woodward

Licensed under CC BY 3.0

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