Coaching Kids Curling

Delivery: Release Point Method With John Benton (Part 2 of 2)

June 06, 2021 Glenn Gabriel Season 1 Episode 57
Coaching Kids Curling
Delivery: Release Point Method With John Benton (Part 2 of 2)
Show Notes

This is a two-part series!

John Benton is a longtime American competitive curler, administrator and coach. He also owns a company called "Cold Granite Curling" that provides training for individuals and teams. His approach to the delivery is called the "Release Point Method" (RPM). In Part 2, we continue our discussion of the three "planes," the value of keeping things simple, and talk about the state of Junior Curling at his club in Minnesota.

NOTE: It's helpful if you can download the RPM Handbook PDF in advance to follow the conversation.
Release Point Method (RPM) Handbook link

Some of the topics we discuss include:
* Where do US curling coaches find out how to teach the delivery? (1:00)
* Working on the Glide Plane by doing long slides (3:03)
* Don't be super critical of a kid's setup when working on Line Plane (5:40)
* A drill from Coach Lino Di Iorio (Balance Plus) that highlights the difference in setup between inturns and outturns (7:14)
* The difficulty of looking for lateral movement when an athlete wears all black (11:17)
* RPM is a "minimalist" method and one not tied to specific techniques (12:57)
* What is Cold Granite Curling? (16:55)
* A summary of the Junior programs at the Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minnesota (19:50)

Links to the resources mentioned in this episode:
Cold Granite Curling Web site
Release Point Method (RPM) Handbook link
"Curling - The Slide Demo.mpg" YouTube video from Continental Cup 2012
Pro-Slide Delivery Aid by Reid Carruthers - Hardline Web site
Four Seasons Curling Club (Blaine, MN, USA) Web site
Curler Outreach Program Web site
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Glenn Gabriel is an NCCP-certified curling coach who lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He has been the coordinator of the Little Rocks (U12) program at East York Curling Club in Toronto since 2011. If you have a question or feedback on the podcast, send us an e-mail at

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