On the House

Episode 1: Intro to TSAHC

May 20, 2020 Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation Season 1 Episode 1
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Welcome to On the House, a podcast about homeownership and the home buying process. For our first episode, we'll introduce ourselves and answer some frequently asked questions about our down payment assistance programs.  Want to learn more about down payment assistance?  Then this is the episode for you!

Intro to On the House
Intro to TSAHC
Intro to TSAHC Staff
Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered
What is Down Payment Assistance (DPA)?
How Much DPA is Available?
Which Option to Choose?
Does TSAHC's Assistance Have to Be Paid Back?
What is a Mortgage Credit Certificate?
What is the Definition of a First-Time Home Buyer?
How Does an MCC Work?
Can Use TSAHC's DPA and MCC Programs Together?
How Do You Qualify?
Using the Loan Comparison Calculator
How to Apply for TSAHC's Programs
How Long Does the Process Take?