On the House

Episode 6: Shopping for a Home

June 17, 2020 Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation Season 1 Episode 6
On the House
Episode 6: Shopping for a Home
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Shopping for your first home is always exciting, but there are a few things that first-time home buyers need to keep in mind while looking for their dream home. Sit down with our host, Frank Duplechain III, and REALTOR® Daniel Garza with DTM Realty Group to discuss house hunting techniques, negotiating an offer, and home inspections.

What is the typical timeline for shopping for a home?
How long do pre-qualifications last?
Who makes up the home buying team?
What are some of the standard home considerations?
What goes into an offer and what is the process?
What is an inspection and when is it completed?
What are option fees and earnest money?
Tips for finding a great REALTOR