On the House

Episode 5: The Pre-Approval Process

June 14, 2020 Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation Season 1 Episode 5
On the House
Episode 5: The Pre-Approval Process
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What goes into calculating a pre-approval? Do you know your DTI ratios? Join Connie Tharp with Hometrust Mortgage and TSAHC’s very own Joniel LeVecque as we discuss the process of finding a lender, discover how mortgage companies look at credit, and the home prices you should consider. 

What are the recommended steps for finding a lender?
What are the qualities to look for in a good lender?
How much can a home buyer borrow for a home?
What steps should you take before a lender pulls your credit?
How much down payment is required?
What are the different ratios involved in the mortgage approval process?
What are the 4 C's of credit?
What is pre-approval and what can a home buyer expect during the pre-approval process?