Welcome Home: The John Houston Homes Podcast

S2 Ep21_The Smart Move Experience (Danny Tutt)

November 01, 2021 John Houston Homes Season 2 Episode 21
Welcome Home: The John Houston Homes Podcast
S2 Ep21_The Smart Move Experience (Danny Tutt)
Show Notes

So you found a home builder.. but what about all the other parts??  What title company do you choose? Who will be your mortgage lender? When you begin the journey of home ownership, there's already so much to coordinate and think about. As a Family of Companies, we have a solution to this! On this episode, we bring in long-time employee of the JH Family of Companies, Danny Tutt, to introduce the Smart Move Experience. Listen in as Danny shares how working with the JH Family of Companies creates a seamless process from start to finish and provides peace of mind to you as a new homeowner, from home financing all the way to closing.

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