Mazzi Podcast

Withdrawing versus Letting Go

May 11, 2020
Mazzi Podcast
Withdrawing versus Letting Go
Show Notes

In today’s podcast we explore the distinction of withdrawing or abdicating versus letting go or surrendering. Find out more and connect with us at Mazzi Partners and explore the heart of Mazzi Partners through story in our published book - Cole’s Journey.

Here is a summary of the distinctions we shared between withdrawing versus letting go:

  • Not talking versus silence
  • Fear-based versus courage-based
  • Ego or personality-based versus Highest-Self based
  • Survival as a primary purpose versus connecting with the Divine as a primary purpose
  • Relinquishing of self-responsibility thinking you’re in control versus expansion of Self-responsibility trusting the Divine or something bigger than yourself is really in control
  • Force versus Power
  • Strategy versus discipline
  • Backing off (with judgement) versus being with (without judgement)