Shine At Work™

38 | Finding What Makes You Come Alive with Marie Gettel-Gilmartin

April 05, 2021 Season 2 Episode 38
Shine At Work™
38 | Finding What Makes You Come Alive with Marie Gettel-Gilmartin
Show Notes

In this week's episode, I speak with Marie about her journey from teaching to writing to the editorial department to corporate communications and social responsibility.  The whole time she was creating her path and finding unique opportunities to challenge herself.  Then when two layoffs happened in two years, she realized life was telling her that it was time to work for herself and create the kind of business that reflected who she was and the impact she wanted to have.  Take a risk, take a leap, especially if you are in a toxic environment, and find a way to thrive!

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More about Marie...

Marie Gettel-Gilmartin is a writer and marketing communications coach who loves to connect people and resources or solve seemingly impossible problems.

She guides clients in discovering what makes them special and helps them share that with the world. She also does that on her Finding Fertile Ground podcast, where she interviews people who possess grit, resilience, and connection and helps them bring their stories to life.

Marie helps clients communicate about pressing issues; create compelling websites that showcase company culture; implement world-class sustainability and community engagement strategies; ghostwrite for clients to position them as experts in their fields; write communications that boost employee engagement; coach leaders and executives on how to strengthen communications and leadership; help win work by writing compelling, unbeatable proposals and award applications; and coordinate authors and reviewers to produce documents in one voice.

Find out more at Fertile Ground Communication or contact Marie directly at

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