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The Industrial Athlete With Dr. Delaine Fowler

November 07, 2023 Telling The Success Stories in Healthcare & Business Season 3 Episode 49
Your Company Health
The Industrial Athlete With Dr. Delaine Fowler
Show Notes

In the latest episode of the podcast, we speak with  Dr. Delaine Fowler of Accelerate Physiclal Therapy.

Dr. Fowler is a recognized expert in the Work Health Connection. A physical therapist specializing in workplace injuries,  she has helped thousands of patients on their road to physical recovery.  After a year of treating people in her office she could not help but to think there was a better way to help people before their problems ended up in surgery.   After watching surgeons chase pain from one body part to another in employees waiting for the doctors to ask the same questions she realized this was not going to happen.  She decided to start collaborating with companies to find out if changing the way people work might stop employees from what would in many cases be a lifetime of pain and suffering due to multiple surgeries only chasing symptoms.

We had a great discussion on a wide range of issues surrounding physical therapy and business growth.

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