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A Caregiver's Journey with Zack Demopoulos

December 27, 2023 Telling The Success Stories in Healthcare & Business
Your Company Health
A Caregiver's Journey with Zack Demopoulos
Show Notes

In this episode we speak with Zack Demopoulos, a Caregiver Advocate. Zack founded and operated a home care agency for 13 years, helping over
500 families care for their family loved ones, and hiring over 700 professional caregivers to provide that care. He became a Certified Senior Advisor and spoke locally and nationally about caregiving while launching a podcast titled Raising ‘Rents (as in parents) that has received over 20,000 downloads. He served a leadership role on the New Jersey Home Health Service Association Board acting as a staunch advocate for caregivers and testifying at health senate committee meetings on their behalf. He currently has a leadership role on the Brothers of Color in Pharma Board.

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