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Driving Practice Growth With Dr. Aaron Bryant

January 28, 2024 Telling The Success Stories in Healthcare & Business Season 3 Episode 50
Your Company Health
Driving Practice Growth With Dr. Aaron Bryant
Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dr. Aaron Bryant on a wide range of issues.

Dr. Bryant journey spans over three decades, where he ventured across healthcare, technology, and consultancy landscapes to bring value to organizations as a:

🏥 Healthcare Enthusiast: Overseen technology systems for medical facilities, ensuring the smooth operation of critical healthcare infrastructure.

💼 Strategic Thinker: Directed international teams, managing multiple gaming systems with precision.

📜 Policy Implementer:  Involved in crucial contributions to implementing the Affordable Care Act within Covered California.

💡 Tech Savvy: At Kaiser Permanente, he led technology systems, spearheading strategic purchases and security upgrades for enhanced operations.

🧠 Mental Health Advocate: Beyond the corporate world, he is committed to mental health advocacy. His "Field Talk" podcast serves as a platform to raise awareness and provide support.

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