The Firefighters Podcast
#036 Phil Maynard & HELPING HOODIES
The Firefighters Podcast
#036 Phil Maynard & HELPING HOODIES
Nov 03, 2020 Season 1 Episode 36
Pete Wakefield

Phil is an operational member of the West Sussex fire service and creator of Helping Hoodies.

In this episode we talk about this incredible new brand and how it is helping firefighters from all over the world fall back in love with their passion for the fire service.

In the Emergency Services, our badge is more than our identity, it is a source of pride for the job we do support our communities.

The right to wear our badge is hard-earned. We are and should feel proud of what we do and what the fire service stands for.

It is our pride that defines us.

We hope you feel proud of your emergency services,
We hope you feel inspired to make a difference in your own way,
And we hope you enjoy listening. 

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