The Firefighters Podcast
#039 Vendelin Clicques - The Pink Firefighter
The Firefighters Podcast
#039 Vendelin Clicques - The Pink Firefighter
Nov 16, 2020 Season 1 Episode 39
Pete Wakefield

#039 Vendelin Clicques - The Pink Firefighter

Vendelin Clicques is a French firefighter officer and also a firefighter combat challenge athlete but in his spare time Vendelin becomes "The Pink Firefighter"

After one of Vendelin's close friends had a double preventive mammectomy he was so impressed by the work that can be done to help women me suffering from this potentially fatal diagnosis that he decided to use his unique passions to make a difference and help this incredible fight against cancer.

"I just want more women and men to be aware of the scourge of breast cancer"

With his pink fire kit, he is drawing attention to and raising awareness of this female cause in a male environment.

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women.

This is huge!!!

Regular self-examination and mammograms from time to time can save your mother, wife, sister, or daughter’s life. Because cancer detected early is a real chance in addition to defeating it.

If you're a female we hope this episode inspires you to get yourself checked or if your a male then to have a conversation with someone close to you who could be at risk.

We hope you enjoy listening

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