BEing Blunt

1972 Southern University Shooting

March 03, 2022 Sean B. Season 3 Episode 2
BEing Blunt
1972 Southern University Shooting
Show Notes

Southern, the largest HBCU in the country at the time, had black faculty and a black president, but the purse strings were still being held by white elected officials. Figures showed only half as much money per pupil was being spent on students at Southern as was being spent on students at the predominately white LSU.

Three or four weeks into the fall 1972 semester, students' dissatisfaction mounted. There was a vibe of unhappiness, The students wanted more teachers, more input into the curriculum, and a better physical space in which to learn.

"And it started to build, and it started to build........

I invite you all to tune in to this episode to hear the final outcome of this tragedy that unfolded at Southern University of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

The 1972 Southern University Shooting • (
Deadly 1972 protest at Southern University highlighted in new PBS documentary on HBCUs | Education |

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