BEing Blunt

Gifting With A Purpose

December 10, 2020 Sean and Nandi Season 1 Episode 11
BEing Blunt
Gifting With A Purpose
Show Notes

Gifting can be defined as giving some kind of experience or asset that one person transfers to another while receiving nothing or less than fair market value in return. 

What we give friends and loved ones for holidays or special occasions is as much a reflection of the times as it is of personal taste. 

For this episode, Being Blunt sits down for a light-hearted discussion with a talented friend to get some gifting tips for the every-day shopper.  However, we had to  keep it blunt, so we  raised some unique scenarios for her to tackle. You might be surprised at her responses!

Our friend AKA Jessie tapped into her life's purpose thanks to a remarkable experience that reinforced the notion of giving back and helping others. 

So sit back and enjoy this Holiday Episode with Being Blunt.


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