BEing Blunt

Getting Our Full History & Teaching Our Kids to Empower a New Future

September 01, 2021 Sean B. Season 2 Episode 7
BEing Blunt
Getting Our Full History & Teaching Our Kids to Empower a New Future
Show Notes

Highlights from the conversation: 

[01:45] Sean Blount

· Management position with the US Department of Agriculture

· Developed his podcast from a “happy hour” with his colleagues

[05:45] Critical Race Theory – how it’s impacting the space

Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is a theoretical and interpretive mode that examines the appearance of race and racism across dominant cultural modes of expression. It is an academic framework on how we look at laws and policies that have shaped America at how it impacted us. Some of it, we hear frequently but we have done so much and are so involved. A lot of our history may not be pretty, it may have been violent and very dark, and however, a lot of it has been erased and are not taught to us.

[13:15] Suppressing what really happened – doing our part teaching the history

This could be a play on keeping what really happened which could be due to guilt. The reality is that just because history is not being taught in schools does not mean it will not get taught. This is where we have to take responsibility and learn the history ourselves so we can then teach our children what was not being taught in school.

[19:33] Taking Responsibility - Educating ourselves and sharing what we learned

Some people are busy being parents and living life that they have not just opened that door to allow themselves to take time and do the research. This is why we are on a movement to share what we learned and not keep it to ourselves. We play a big role as part of this whole movement to dismantle the system of oppression and suppression of true history and the education system.

[22:25] Ripples that create a wave

Doing things like going to the school board meetings, being a part of the PTA, educating our children – these are the small steps we can do to create that ripple. And with a whole bunch of ripples, we can create a wave!

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