BEing Blunt

Year in Review (2021)

January 26, 2022 Sean B. Season 3 Episode 1
BEing Blunt
Year in Review (2021)
Show Notes

Happy New Year Family!!!!

I am back.  Join me as I recap 2021 on the Being Blunt Podcast.  Being Blunt is back with all new topics to keep you informed, and alert on local, national, and international issues. 

I can't lie.  2021 was challenging.  I am glad to see parts of it in my rear-view mirror. When I embarked into this podcast, I gravitated to the role as a new era activist.  I enjoyed reporting out to the community I love about the injustices and the political strategies hurting as a people and a country.  It allowed me to vent my frustration while sharing action steps to counter those moves.  

 What I realize the emotional toll it was taking on me.  The constant attacks and maybe the disappointment of feeling like our actions were not enough.  I had to come to the realization that not everyone is ready to get off the sidelines.   And that is alright!!!   That just tells me I have more work to do but not at the expense of jeopardizing my own mental health.  Nevertheless, 2-Pac said it best, if my words and action can inspire some young person to change the world then I did my part.  And I am good with that.     

 So let’s have some fun this year while we handle our business. 

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