Sane Time, Sane Place

LADYLIKES: Sane Time, Sane Place- Food

May 25, 2020 LADYLIKES and Nicola Millbank Season 1 Episode 2
Sane Time, Sane Place
LADYLIKES: Sane Time, Sane Place- Food
Show Notes

Lockdown life has thrown us in opposite directions when it comes to food- Phoebe is avoiding the cooking like the plague, and Miztli is loving the having the time to get the apron on and try new recipes. This week we chat about trips to the supermarket as a birthday treat, smelly cakes, the boredom eating cycle, the origin story of banana bread and deeply depressing noodles. We also have our wonderful guest, Nicola Millbank. Nicola is a British television Actor, best known for her leading role in Sky’s comedy Mount Pleasant and other roles including Das Boot and Death in Paradise this year. Nicola has also published two books with HarperCollins, ‘Milly’s Real Food’ and ‘Give the Dog a Bone’ devoted to her pet dachshund, Darcey. Alongside her acting and screenplay writing she is also an ambassador for Clarence Court Eggs and shares recipes on her instagram on a regular basis. Nicola tells us about her very exotic sounding vegetable patch, her changing relationship with food in lockdown and how she got into developing her food website and cookbooks.
Find more info on Nicola here-
Instagram- @NicolaMillbank
Milly Cook Book Website-

This week we are played out by Just These Please’s ‘When You've Been In Lockdown Too Long (Lewis Capaldi Parody)’. Just These Please are a sketch comedy company made up of 3 actor comedians and 1 shipping lawyer. Since forming in 2018 they have sold out two 5-star Edinburgh Fringe runs, gained over 30 million views online and have appeared live on the BBC. They regularly release sketches online so find them on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (yes, even TikTok). Have a watch of their music video for 'When You've Been in Lockdown Too Long' here!

To help out in these tough times, here’s some links to organisations mentioned in this episode-

The Tressle Trust-

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