Sane Time, Sane Place

Black Lives Matter

June 05, 2020 LADYLIKES
Sane Time, Sane Place
Black Lives Matter
Show Notes

Out of respect we have decided to postpone our upcoming episode of Sane Time, Sane Place. We will have an episode on Activism coming soon, but in the mean time we are committed to listening, learning, educating ourselves and advocating change.

Here are some great resources to look into-


Code Switch
Justice in America
Come Through
About Race
Diversity Gap
Uncomfortable Conversations

Organisations to donate to

The Black Lives Matter movement, in order to support the organisation’s ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate black people, and end white supremacy forever

A fundraiser has been set up on GoFundMe for Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK), a coalition of black activists and organisers from around the UK to support UKBLM’s work with black communities in the UK.

Minnesota Freedom Fund Which provides funds for protesters who have been arrested and need to pay bail in order to avoid being imprisoned.

Bail Project which provides funds to pay bail to prevent incarceration and combat racial economic disparities in the bail system

These are only a few of the many fantastic resources out there, so keep finding ways to learn, engage and support.