Sane Time, Sane Place

LADYLIKES: Sane Time, Sane Place: Finding Your Tribe

January 31, 2021 LADYLIKES Season 2 Episode 7
Sane Time, Sane Place
LADYLIKES: Sane Time, Sane Place: Finding Your Tribe
Show Notes

Dear listeners, let's raise a glass, we've made it through January! Whilst many of us are still locked away in our homes, missing the joys of human contact, it doesn't mean that we have to be alone. This week we're joined by entrepreneur, Caitlyn Daroy, who will be chatting to us all about finding your tribe.  Plus, Miztli and Phoebe talk about their tribes from online yoga groups to being a dedicated fan of My Favourite Murder podcast.

About Caitlyn
Caitlyn trained as an actress and has been working as a freelancer for the past 10 years.  Aware of the lack of support offered to creatives and freelancers, Caitlyn founded The Authentic Project in 2017 with the intention to build a platform which offered the freelancer all-around support in order for them to thrive in their chosen profession.

The Authentic
The Authentic Project | Freelance Living
My Favourite Murder podcast
My Favorite Murder - Home

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