Building Efficiency Podcast

Ep. 62 - Lynn Mueller, President & CEO - SHARC Energy Systems

February 07, 2022 Jim Schafer Season 1 Episode 62
Building Efficiency Podcast
Ep. 62 - Lynn Mueller, President & CEO - SHARC Energy Systems
Show Notes

Mr. Lynn Mueller is CEO & President of SHARC Energy Systems in Vancouver, British Columbia. SHARC Energy Systems has grown from an idea Lynn had 11 years ago to the largest and most successful wastewater energy exchange company in the world.  SHARC Energy is a global leader in carbon reduction and energy efficiency. Previously, Lynn was President of Water Furnace International, following that he was the President of Earth Source Energy Inc. Lynn is responsible for a large number of advanced sustainable energy systems using SHARC technology including the DC Water Headquarters LEED Platinum 170,000 square foot building and Wall Centre Central Park, a city block of 1000 apartments in Vancouver, and Borders College in Scotland where SHARC was able to offset 95% of the natural gas usage for building heating.

 Lynn’s current passion is SHARC Energy Systems which is working to recover the 100s of billions of dollars’ worth of waste energy that goes down the drain every year in the world.  Lynn continues to press hard in his quest to make re-use of energy the norm for buildings of the future to reduce CO2 emissions and global warming. Lynn has four children and three granddaughters, so his personal mission is to do all he can to make the world more livable for them and others.

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