Building Efficiency Podcast

Ep. 14 - Michael Nenni, CEO - Nenni & Associates

August 28, 2020 Jim Schafer Season 1 Episode 14
Building Efficiency Podcast
Ep. 14 - Michael Nenni, CEO - Nenni & Associates
Show Notes

On today’s episode, we sit down with Michael Nenni who discusses how he got started in recruiting and why the relationships you build will pull you through tough times and allow you to thrive during good times. The video version can be found here
Today’s video is our latest episode of the Executive Search Sit-Down. And for this series we invite fellow peers who are navigating the recruiting and executive search landscape.
We find out about their backgrounds, and we unpack their tools and strategies for recruiting top talent and how they deliver value for their customers in their specific industries. We also discuss trends and provide advice they’d like to pass along to other fellow recruiters

The Nenni and Associates team are strategic partners in multiple facets of the energy and infrastructure services sector. We strive to continuously support our clients with their hiring needs and overall organization health. We are here to serve our clients as the market changes and be “in the moment” with market intel as we look to the future together.

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