Building Efficiency Podcast

Ep. 52 - Dara O'Neil, Director of Utility Programs - EMPEQ

June 30, 2021 Jim Schafer Season 1 Episode 52
Building Efficiency Podcast
Ep. 52 - Dara O'Neil, Director of Utility Programs - EMPEQ
Show Notes

Dara O’Neill is a partner and executive leader in a Fintech company, Empower Equity, (EMPEQ.CO)  specializing in National energy project finance combined with software tools to automate the lending and site survey process by auto capturing data to accelerate the sales process. Responsible for all Strategic Partnership development, including Utilities, agencies and distribution channels,  Developing and implementing engagement strategies and campaigns for a wide variety of strategic partnership initiatives and projects. 

 Prior to joining EMPEQ, O’Neill served as the leading Business Development Executive with, Comfort Systems USA, Strategic Accounts the Nations largest mechanical contractor, securing partnerships with leading global multi-site retail and commercial brands. In this role the focus was on energy efficiency, building automation and preventive maintenance contracts to lower costs and maintain the highest possible indoor air quality for its clients. 

 As a founder in multiple other Energy and Sustainable Property Development companies, O’Neills background is steeped in advancing the pursuit of energy efficiency in many forms, including advanced Building Automation with wireless web based control systems and environmentally friendly construction projects spanning three continents and five different countries. 

In his early career as a professional golfer O’Neill aspired to compete at the highest level before founding the largest independent developmental Professional Tours in both the US and Europe. His passion for competition and drive to succeed still keeps him highly motivated to this day. 

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