One Day You'll Thank Me

S3: E3 -- Guest Expert: Pete Hodges, Executive, Helping Your Teens Get a Job

May 19, 2021 Dr. Tara Egan Season 3 Episode 3
One Day You'll Thank Me
S3: E3 -- Guest Expert: Pete Hodges, Executive, Helping Your Teens Get a Job
Show Notes

Dr. Tara Egan, host
Anna, teen co-host
Pete Hodges, Restaurant Executive

Tara and Anna welcome a very special guest today, Pete Hodges. Pete is the Director of Operations of a  national restaurant brand and has come today to talk with us about how teens and young adults can present themselves to employers so they can get hired and become a valued employee.

Because it has been such a big factor in our lives and employment, we started asking Pete how  Covid-19 has affected hiring teens and keeping them on staff and also what these changes specifically look like. He shared that things have been different and precautions have been put into place to keep kids safe in the workplace.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • What characteristics are employers looking for upon first impressions? 
  • What can young adults and teens do to share in the interview about themselves if they do not have any work experience?
  • How important a positive attitude is.
  • What not to do during an interview (hint: use a cellphone)
  • Do employers look at social media of applicants?
  • Red flags to look out for as a parent.
  • What should a teen do if they are being treated poorly at work- discriminated against or experiencing sexual harassment?
  • How to ask for a raise.

Parents this is a great episode to share with your teens thinking about getting a job!

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