One Day You'll Thank Me

S3: E1 - Guest Expert: Isis Bey, LCSW, Implicit Bias and Raising Anti-Racist Kids

May 05, 2021 Dr. Tara Egan Season 3 Episode 1
One Day You'll Thank Me
S3: E1 - Guest Expert: Isis Bey, LCSW, Implicit Bias and Raising Anti-Racist Kids
Show Notes

Dr. Tara Egan, host
Anna, teen co-host
Isis Bey-LCSW

Tara and Anna are super excited to kick off Season 3 with a truly amazing guest; Ms. Isis Bey, LCSW and owner of Harmony Health, PLLC Therapeutic Services. Harmony Health is a behavioral health practice created to improve the mental health and overall well-being of those served in Charlotte, NC.  Isis focuses on crisis intervention, assessment, individual, group and couples counseling. She is here today to talk to us about "Implicit Bias and Raising Anti-Racist Kids." 

We begin the show setting the stage and discussing what RACISM is and what it is not. How racism is different from the terms DISCRIMINATION and BIAS. 

Tune in as we dive into:

 - How  racism impacts everyone, including White people?

 - What is implicit bias and how can we better understand our own implicit bias?

 - WHITE PRIVILEGE. How Isis responds when she hears White people deny white privilege because “they grew up poor” “they experienced trauma” or “I had it rough. No one did me any favors.”

- How organizations create an anti-racist culture within the work place?

 - What parents can do---especially White parents---to raise anti-racist children?( I know I struggle with how to best guide my kids to be actively anti-racist, both in person and online.)

 - How can parents best support their kids?

Isis says it all starts with self work, start with your own current support system, and then seek out training through a support group like her group,  and groups like the YWCA. It is important to seek out community to solidify the work you do and learn about the culture to share with others. That is how you will learn.

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This episode was edited by Laura Bauder from PodcastHERS.