One Day You'll Thank Me

S3: E16 Guest Expert: Dr. Tara Egan, "First Time Mom's Toddler Discipline Handbook"

August 18, 2021 Dr. Tara Egan
One Day You'll Thank Me
S3: E16 Guest Expert: Dr. Tara Egan, "First Time Mom's Toddler Discipline Handbook"
Show Notes

Co-hosts: Meredith Eaton and Anna
Guest expert: Dr. Tara Egan

They did a switcheroo this episode! Dr. Tara Egan stepped aside as co-host and took a seat as our guest expert. Meredith Eaton, Tara's lifelong friend AND a book publisher ( and Anna interviewed Tara about her newest book, "First Time Mom's Toddler Discipline Handbook", on sale on Amazon on August 17, 2021.

Tune in to hear Tara, Meredith, and Anna share some fun and personal stories as they tell us how this new book came into being and what parents can gain from this light-hearted practical guide.

The goal is to build a calm and happy relationship with your toddler.

This first-time mom’s handbook is the ultimate resource for being a calm, positive parent and encouraging good behavior from your toddler. Discover easy exercises and real-life stories to fill your parenting toolbox with useful techniques for those challenging toddler moments.

The First-Time Mom's Toddler Discipline Handbook features:

  • Advice for every scenario―Find quick tips for everything from bedtime routines to time-outs and successful playdates.
  • Stage-by-stage development―Learn how to introduce, adjust, or phase out strategies throughout the toddler years based on your child’s development.
  • A positive parenting approach―Practice using these techniques firmly and effectively, in the ways that work best for your family.
  • Comfort and inspiration―Consult this book whenever you need advice or just some positive reassurance that you and your toddler are doing the best you can.

To order your copy of the "First Time Mom's Toddler Discipline Handbook" go to Amazon now.

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