One Day You'll Thank Me

S3: E23 - ENCORE Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting (original release date: 6/9/21)

October 06, 2021 Dr. Tara Egan
One Day You'll Thank Me
S3: E23 - ENCORE Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting (original release date: 6/9/21)
Show Notes

ENCORE EPISODE - Original Airdate 6/9/21 S3: E6

Dr. Tara Egan, host
Anna, teen co-host

Co parenting is hard! Tara knows this firsthand.  Co Parent counseling and coaching is one of Tara's focuses in her practice.  So, today Tara and Anna come together for a solo episode and Tara takes the role of teacher to impart her extensive knowledge in co-parenting in this episode titled, “Co parenting versus Parallel Parenting, What's the Difference?”

In her many years of working with separated and divorced clients, Tara has found some creative ways to manage a co-partnership for anyone, but especially those that have stressful relationships with their ex.

Most parents main goal is to create the best situation for their children, and for everyone to get along. That can be easier said then done though. Often there is lingering  resentment, anger, and lack of trust with their co-parent. So what do you do when there is tension and conflict between parents?

Tune in as:

Tara defines what each parenting situation (co-parenting and parallel parenting) is and what the differences are between them.

Positive and negatives for each situation.

Tips for parents in each parenting situation.

Great takeaway: If parents are able to put aside relationship differences, it exponentially increases the chances of children adjusting and transitioning between both homes.
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