One Day You'll Thank Me

S3: E24 - ENCORE Armah Shiancoe, Raising Young Leaders (original release date: 6/2/21)

October 13, 2021 Dr. Tara Egan Season 3 Episode 24
One Day You'll Thank Me
S3: E24 - ENCORE Armah Shiancoe, Raising Young Leaders (original release date: 6/2/21)
Show Notes

ENCORE EPISODE - Original Airdate 6/2/21 S3: E5

Dr. Tara Egan, host
Anna, teen co-host
Armah Shiancoe, Educator & Author - guest expert

Encore: Our special guest was Mr. Armah Shiancoe, Anna's teacher. Mr. Shiancoe is a speaker, youth advocate and coach in the community, and had just written a book called, Leadership is a Choice. We  talked to him about how his life experiences have influenced his teaching style, on the topic of "Raising Young Leaders". This is a GREAT episode to listen to with your teen.

We discuss:

- How kids look to parents as role models, watching everything they are doing. It is so important for parents to always keep in mind.

- How he incorporates “life lessons” into his curriculum and  his teaching style. He feels we should always be learning from our mistakes.

- Mr. Shiancoe, tell us about a lesson he learned the “hard” way in college that really humbled him and made him "wake up".

 - He tells us that  one of the greatest gifts we all get is CHOICE. His philosophy in teaching is that it is better to focus on "who you want to BE in life, not what you want to DO in life."

- How important it is in making sure your work life reflects your interests and your passion, versus just focusing on what you “should” do, or a job that solely focuses on money.

- Generalized, transferable skills are so  important to learn because you can use them in any situation or area of life.

 -  We discuss the fact that millennials and members of the Gen Z interpret the working world differently. What can we do to keep them engaged and take advantage of their unique skill set?

- How he feels that young people can go about finding their voice and learning to advocate for themselves --To be able to be self reflective; figure out what they need, effectively express it and understand not everyone is going to meet that need and then move forward.

Mr. Shiancoe's book is all about his quest and thirst for knowledge, specifically leadership. He truly believes that leadership can be made at any moment. Then once you have that in you, you have the responsibility to go out and empower others.

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