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Fly On The Wall Radio
F.O.W. podcast 1
July 01, 2017 seconds before landing

This is the first episode of Fly On The Wall Radio, hosted by John Crispino, leader of the progressive rock band, Seconds Before Landing. On this episode, Crispino, introduces you to 3 of the songs, off of S.B.L.'s first album, "The Great Deception", and also provides a little backstory of each. Each week, another episode will be posted, with more music from the 3 albums S.B.L. has released so far, PLUS, at times, music from Crispinos' friends, as well as his own back catalogue, prior to S.B.L. This weeks songs include, "Welcome, To The Future", I'm All Alone, and "They're All Around You". Learn more about Seconds Before Landing, at, and

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