The Money Puzzle
Why You Should Use a Financial Advisor
Why You Should Use a Financial Advisor 26:04 Are Financial Advisors Worth It? 32:19 Why Insurance Salesmen are NOT your Financial Advisor 13:28 Consuming Media is Not Research 16:07 How does the Secure Act 2.0 affect RMD? 20:49 2023 Market Predictions 29:30 Is it worth paying for a financial advisor? 21:15 Is the 60/40 portfolio still relevant? 23:24 Stay Away from Financial Hearsay! 19:59 Money Puzzle TV Show: Why is it important to have a personalized Income Strategy? 28:31 How often should you talk about risk with your advisor? 25:17 Money Puzzle TV Show: Do we believe what the media is saying about recession possibilities? 28:33 Money Puzzle TV Show: Where are we going to see inflation affect us the most? 28:31 What are some positives that come with market lows? 18:28 Money Puzzle TV Show: What are sources of Permanent Predictable Income? 28:31 Should Retirees worry about Inflation? 28:31 Money Puzzle TV Show: How do Taxes fit into my Retirement Plan? 28:31 What do we do in response to record inflation? 27:51 Is The Federal Reserve forcing us into a recession? 21:01 How to Structure Retirement Income 29:40 Are We Seeing the Beginning of a Recovery? 25:49 Why is insurance so important? - featuring Heather McCormick 34:22 Is there anything good about a recession? 23:57 Thoughts on the Market through the first half of the year 35:55 Money Puzzle TV Show: Call-in Show with Brian & Eric 28:32