The Student Support Podcast

Understanding Debt and Debt Management

January 24, 2024 University of Chester | Student Services Season 5 Episode 8
The Student Support Podcast
Understanding Debt and Debt Management
Show Notes

In this episode, we chat to Carl (Student Money Adviser at the University of Chester) and Tom (Partnerships Developments Coordinator at Step Change Charity). We delve into the topic of debt and debt management. We get valuable insights on the challenges associated with debt, strategies for effective debt management, and the broader implications of debt on individuals and society.

As part of the discussion, Tom shares his expertise in navigating the complexities of debt, offering valuable perspectives on financial literacy and how we can reframe discussions about money and debt. Carl, drawing from his experiences in Student Services, provides insights into the emotional and psychological aspects of dealing with debt and the importance of seeking support.

Whether you're someone struggling with debt-related issues or simply interested in understanding the nuances of debt management, this episode provides valuable information and practical advice. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of debt and discover strategies for achieving financial well-being.

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