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Is innovation improving UK fire safety?

May 05, 2020 Plumis Season 1 Episode 1
Plumis Podcast
Is innovation improving UK fire safety?
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Regulation to ensure the safety of buildings has rightly been under scrutiny since the Grenfell Tower tragedy. While there is an obvious need to improve fire safety and clarify regulation, will the imminent changes to the regulatory framework stifle innovation and hamper improvements to fire safety in the process?

In this podcast, hosted by Plumis CEO, William Makant, we’ll pose this question and more to a panel of experts including:

  • Ian Moore, CEO, Fire Industry Association and number one in IFSEC Global’s list of fire safety Influencers 
  • Tom Gilbert, Head of Fire Safety, Lendlease and number two in IFSEC Global’s list of fire safety Influencers 
  • Tony Hanley, Managing Director, FirePro UK and Director, Fire Industry Association 
  • Jan Taranczuk, Housing Consultant and Strategic Adviser to Plumis 

Originally recorded as a webinar on the 5th of April.

We’ll explore: 

  • Should innovation be encouraged in building and fire safety and why? 
  • In what ways can specifiers assess the performance and reliability of new products and approaches? 
  • What role can/should certification bodies have in the testing and adoption of innovations?
  • How can we encourage the cultural change needed to drive an outcomes-based framework as recommended by Dame Hackitt?
  • Competency (or lack of) is a common theme in the sector - do you think technology can play a role in filling the gap?

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Introduction by William Makant
Introducing Ian Moore
Introducing Tom Gilbert
Introducing Tony Hanley
Introducing Jan Taranczuk
The panel debate innovation