Strong Men Strong Marriages

Why You Must STOP Trying To Make Your Wife Happy

May 14, 2020 Mike Frazier, MD Episode 2
Strong Men Strong Marriages
Why You Must STOP Trying To Make Your Wife Happy
Show Notes

Why You Must STOP Trying to Make Your Wife Happy

You’ve heard “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Trying to live that phrase sent me to my car SCREAMING.

Learn from this video why you must STOP trying to make your wife happy… 

And what to do instead.


-You can’t control other people’s emotions… even their good ones

-When you try, you are doomed to fail… AND you are being “manipulative,” which is unattractive

-The solution is NOT to say “screw you, I’ll do what I want.”

-It’s about sharing your TRUE self, serving because you want to be that guy, and finding solutions that are a win for BOTH of you… not a SACRIFICE that benefits one person and not the other

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