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Getting the 'NACC' for Growing Great Ground
Getting the 'NACC' for Growing Great Ground 20:01 Unpacking the Federal Budget's Impact on Producers 9:51 It's all about the GAINS: Increasing Protein Production and Improving Soil Nutrition in our Farming Systems 22:32 Is Your K OK? Potassium Nutrition Under the Spotlight 21:31 The Good, The Bad, & The Fungi: A look at Soil Pathogens 27:33 Beefing Up the Pastoral Supply Chain: Results from the BeefLinks Backgrounding Project 29:19 The Future of Managing Herbicide Resistance 23:15 Tapping into National Experience in Wild Dog Control 20:59 Changes to Asset Depreciation Legislation with RSM Australia 26:07 Vocal Locals Helping to Break New Ground Part 2 FEAT. Jay Cummins & Tanya Lehman 11:30 Vocal Locals Helping to Break New Ground Part 1 FEAT. Jay Cummins & Tim Paschke 13:30 Precision Ag as a Tool for Better Farm Decisions FEAT. Tanja Morgan & Felicity Turner 13:19 The Z to A of Precision Ag. FEAT. Jay Cummins & Peter Treloar 12:31 Looking Forward, Not Back - Stabilising Sandy Pasture Paddocks With Low Groundcover FEAT. Geoff Moore 25:15 Weathering The Storm - Turning Bare Ground Into Stable, Productive Paddocks FEAT. Don Bradshaw 34:59 Filling in the Gaps - Oversowing, Perennial Pastures & Grasshopper Control FEAT. Steele Rudd 29:14 Biochar - The Potential, The PhD, The Project 34:01 The Feed365 Project - Working with farmers to close the early and late season feed gaps 20:09 Why Are Authentic Stories from Real People in Agriculture Important? 26:59 Getting Your Weed Management Right For This Season 46:49 Using Our Soils to 2 Metres - The Long Season Wheat Project 18:31 To Chickpea, or not to Chickpea - PART 2 18:03 To Chickpea, or not to Chickpea - PART 1 24:25 Getting your budgeting Figured 19:44 Making your farm 'Smart' - Connecting your farm to the digital world 24:48