Rabbi Cy Stanway's Podcast: Jewish Ideas in Bite-size Pieces
A THEOLOGICAL QUANDARY 6:16 MY STRANGE WEEK 10:15 JACOB'S NIGHT WRESTLING AND WHAT WE INHERITED FROM THAT FIGHT 6:16 JACOB TRIPPING, AMERICA TRIPPING: TODAY'S ANTISEMITISM 10:40 A SHORT D'VAR TORAH ON HAYYAI SARAH - 127 YEARS & STILL YOUNG 5:39 CELEBRATION OF LIFE MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR NORMA ROSENBLOOM 1:03:53 ANOTHER TAKE ON NOAH 8:43 FUNERAL FOR JACKIE KAMM Z"L 1:02:21 Rabbi Stanway on Jewish Faith and Facts (CHRI radio / Ottawa) on Sukkot 28:51 FUNERAL SERVICE FOR CLARA GEE STAMATY ZIMENT 41:48 The Reform Movement's Moment of Repentance - Kol Nidre 30:51 Yom Kippur Morning: Our Essential Goodness 26:07 New Words, Old Problems: Rosh Hashanna 2022 22:20 Erev Rosh Hashanna 2022 24:31 The Strange Fire of Nadav and Abihu: CHRI Podcast Interview 26:43 The Ancient Nazarite: CHRI Podcast Interview 28:03 The Imperfect Abraham: CHRI Podcast Interview 29:30 In the Blink of an Eye - Sermon delivered April 2022 after Hineinu mission to Poland 21:20 A Thought for Erev Pesach 3:26 Putin, Purim and Sacrifice 5:58 Yom Kippur Morning 22:30 Erev Yom Kippur Sermon 26:26 Rosh Hashanna Morning 2021: A Somber Look Around 21:42 Erev Rosh Hashanna Sermon: Community Trust 25:08 Small Injustices, Big Injustices 6:30