The Sean Morgan Report

Dr. Christiane Northrup On Standing In Your Sovereignty During The Plandemic

May 15, 2020 Sean Morgan
The Sean Morgan Report
Dr. Christiane Northrup On Standing In Your Sovereignty During The Plandemic
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Unknown Speaker :

I'm Sean Morgan and I'm asking the hard questions about alternative topics like Q anon and Coronavirus. Get the free ebook at Q anon FAQ calm Hi, I'm here with Dr. Northrup and she has actually been pretty vocal. Very few medical professionals who are coming out to kind of questioning the official Coronavirus narrative. So, Dr. Northrup, would you mind just giving us for people who are not familiar with you and your work and your books? Just a quick overview of who you are and what you do? Yes, I'm a board certified ob gyn. I was a clinical assistant professor of ob gyn at the University of Vermont for 25 years also at Tufts University. I was a practicing ob gyn for about 25 years, and I became president of the American holistic Medical Association along with Bernie Siegel in the 19 I have written six books. Three of them have been New York Times bestsellers, my very first book, women's bodies, women's wisdom just came out in its fifth edition. I was on The Oprah Winfrey Show 10 times also did eight public television specials, and became very galvanized by this issue as a result of my testimony in front of the Maine legislature in 19. In 2019, it was to reverse a vaccine mandate which we had absolutely no need for in the state of Maine we had a 95% voluntary vaccination rate and then suddenly, the drum starts to get beaten about how these dread diseases are coming back the entire narrative about the measles outbreak in Disney World, disneyland made no sense to me and so I'm there. I'll put the statehouse My beloved partner He has a PhD in epidemiology. So he and worked all over the world, including with the World Health Organization, he saw absolutely no need for this mandate that now a child would need 69 vaccines by the age of 18. And that you'd need all these vaccines to now get into college. You'd need all these vaccines to teach at a university. This made no public health sense. So I go up there to Augusta there's three overflow rooms of parents with vaccine injured children. My my colleagues get up there so someone inserted a tape deck into their head and said, this is the official narrative. Vaccines are safe and effective. And we need them for public health and I'm looking around at the people and the narrative and the science and I'm thinking Am I in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and then I went down to Hartford, Connecticut, and for a rally for medical choice, informed consent there. I have friends working in New Jersey and I watched these vaccine mandates suddenly be pushed down the throats of people in California, New York, New Jersey maintained their sovereignty. I have a lot of friends there. And even the Gardasil vaccine I saw that put on the mandated schedule in New York State, even though that particular vaccine has killed or maimed hundreds, hundreds of young women, I'm friends with Mary Holland, who wrote HPV on trial, how a vaccine has undermined a whole generation. So I've been on the frontlines of that health freedom and informed consent movement. So when this thing happened, you know, I thought that that was bad enough. Now, this where where we all get locked down, all over the entire globe, except for a few smart places like I think South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden and then some states didn't lockdown like South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, I began to think what's going what's really going on here. What is going on here. I just listened just before this to Dell big trees latest high wire, where he interviewed Dolores Cahill, whose credentials are so long they could probably go across the room, a world renowned scientist in immunology, vaccine science and biology. And she pointed out that this virus, no doubt hit the United States in December. It will be gone around the entire globe by March 25. The models have all been wrong. She said by now. Most of the people have been exposed to it and have therefore lifelong immunity. If you look at the mainstream narrative, it is vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine you can come out of your house until there's a vaccine even though we know that at its absolute peak The flu vaccine is only 40% effective, but last year it was only 10% effective. And so they're laughs a year and you have to keep on getting and keep on injecting yourself over and over again. But Has there ever been an RNA vaccine for something Coronavirus like this? I mean, we have no precedent, right? none, none. And you will hear the mainstream narrative. Let's just get that out there. Even though it's not safe, even though maybe it won't be safe. We don't know. I mean, the when here's the thing, when you have tried and true prevention, okay, vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc. If everyone were on those, including people over the age of 80, then we wouldn't really have the problem because that's where the the science shows that. Also wearing a mask scares people to death. It increases cortisol, it decreases oxygenation, and the stress response itself decreases immunity. Social distancing isn't at the beginning was a good idea. That was fine. But now it's ridiculous. And so what I said so here's what the mainstream narrative is. No, this is very weird. All of a sudden, we're hearing about children with Kawasaki disease even though the narrative was children don't get this it's very safe. We don't need to worry about children well, obviously somebody is losing market share because now we have to beat the drum that even children you know need to be put into boxes I've seen on Amazon masks for babies that is just plain dangerous. I mean, our our whole lives right? Don't play with this plastic bag. You could die of suffocation. Now we're going to put a mask on a baby or masks on children in school. Have you seen those films from France where a child gets a little play space, where you know it's marked off with chalk this is this is dangerous. This is dangerous. I want to know who's going to account for all the deaths from suicide, the deaths from despair, the deaths from no early diagnosis of cancer, the deaths from heart attack with people terrified to go in the hospital. In our unit. By the way, in the biggest city in Maine, I was just told via nurse friend, that the COVID unit is closed. We're still in lockdown. What if you are a sane person and you listen to the scientists around the world, not the ones employed by the government, not the ones who own the patents for the vaccines, you get a very different story. And I've been in holistic medicine for years so I can tell you all the natural stuff usually doesn't make it to the mainstream anyway because there's no profit. Right? I mean, it makes me sad because I heard from my sister told me that her friend got Coronavirus, and she said it was quite difficult. She went to a hospital. She went to a doctor. They gave her 02 treatment options. I mean, not even just the ones that you mentioned, like vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc stuff that has like, almost zero risk to take. And, and yet none of that was suggested by the mainstream medical community. So so that is disturbing in itself. There are a lot of things that aren't adding up things, things that you said about, like, Why Why is the mask being pushed? I just saw a video of Dr. Fauci saying that masks don't actually help that much so. So even from the mainstream, you know, ones who are kind of creating this whole narrative. They're contradicting themselves constantly. Yeah, that's correct. You had Pelosi and deblasio actually encouraging everyone to come to Chinatown and celebrate right before they told everyone that they can go out into public. So it to me, when you look at all the things that don't add up, and all the contradictions You do start to kind of create your own little theory of some malfeasance of some bad intentions on the part of politicians on the part of Big Pharma on the World Health Organization, which claim there was no human to human transmission, which has not held China accountable. You have China did not allow any international scientists into to kind of do a little preliminary investigation and understanding. So yeah, it makes you think, hey, maybe the world World Health Organization doesn't have our best interests in mind. Maybe whoever's in charge of rems, does fear, you know, with Gili ad and Fauci and all the cronies maybe they have some other incentive. What are your thoughts on on the kind of dark agenda that could be behind all of this? think that there is a dark agenda behind all of this, I can't really think anything else and modern medicine just from you. In my profession, Marsha angle who was the editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine stepped down as the editor in chief in the 90s. And she said it does not make me feel good to have to say that there is no longer true scientific objectivity. Because the science has been bought. We know that journals cherry pick the data to determine which drug company is going to support the clinical trial. I'm going to give you an example from 1994 Journal of Neurology archives of Neurology 1994 was a study done by some of my friends on ALS, a disease with no known cause and no known cure, and they wanted to do a study to determine if there were any psychological factors that would change someone's ability to survive. They did a for University Hospital. Study, which they funded themselves double blind placebo controlled trial actually not a placebo control because there's no cure for ALS, there is no drug at all. And they were told by the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, that this would be the lead article once they had their data in and and they tore the study design apart so that once it was published, no one could say the study design was wrong, because you know, that's what they was doing science. Well, the study design was flawed, so therefore, we more data needs to be the usual the usual crap. Anyway, when they finished the study, it showed that if you believed that your life had meaning and you weren't depressed, you had a survival advantage far beyond that of anyone else. Now these are intangible. This is about hope this is about meaning and that somehow affected the survival in a deadly disease with no known cause and no known cure what they were told. And I just know this from inside knowledge. The editor in chief of the New England Journal at that time said, This flies in the face of everything we believe to be true. So therefore, we're not going to publish it. And so at the time, the only journals that make it to mainstream media are the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, a few others, archives of neurology, nobody's ever quoting that. So anyway, that's what happens. These studies are out there, they're been there for years, but they get buried and increasingly, increasingly, because there is such a seamless connection between Big Pharma patents for treatments and and universities now getting in on patents and and money streams, financial stuff, streams, that it's very difficult to find someone with no conflicts of interest. And our legislators. Well, mainstream media, okay. Both sides, every every channel, about 70 to 80% of the network revenue come from Big Pharma. I mean, you watch TV, if anyone even watches mainstream TV, more and more of us are not. But you will see that there's the weirdest drug ads, one after the other after the other. That is the so that's the agenda is this behemoth that is making millions making people think that the only treatments are drugs and by the way, john, john D. Rockefeller in the 1920s came out with the flexner report, where they closed down all the nature Pathak medical schools, the homeopathic medical schools, and they begin to give massive amounts of money from Standard Oil To just pharmaceutical medicine, and they invented the word quack, just like the word conspiracy theorists was invented, you know, by the CIA, so that you wouldn't look at the Warren report and question the assassination of JFK. So for someone who's been inside holistic medicine for decades, it this is just the same old thing. But I believe what I really believe is people are waking up in droves all over the planet, and they're questioning the narrative. I mean, we were all shut in. So we're watching people like you on YouTube all day long, until it gets taken down. Yes, you know, there are two things I want to talk to you about what you just said. One is the mind body spirit connection. The fact that in that als study that they had found a psychological component that I wasn't isn't normally considered in mainstream science. I'm also a testimony of this I had Lyme disease and I would go to the doctor and tell them tell him all my symptoms and then get bloodwork and they'd look at my blood and everything and they just tell me like you are completely healthy there is like absolutely nothing wrong with you. And I was lucky enough to have a doctor who said, there's a psychological component to this there is a connection between your mind your emotions and your health. You really need to explore that and the more that I did, the healthier that I got. So now we have and we've had Dr. betaR and others talk about the mask and the social distancing actually causing that stress and negativity that decreases your immune system and your health. So and you're you're all over the mind body connection. That's what your your whole work is all about. So yeah, what do you have to say to people now who are in fear about Coronavirus? They don't want to go into public. They don't want to go to work. They don't want to socialize with their elderly parents and their friends and family, what kind of steps I mean without giving them maybe official medical advice about the Coronavirus? What can we just give them as general principles to look at and explore? What I would say is if at all possible, you've got to get outside in the fresh air and get some sun sunlight because that kills viruses. We have studies from the 1930s 40s the treatment for tuberculosis was to go into the mountains in a sanitarium and lie out in the sun and in the fresh air every single day. So do that open a window if you can. And by the way, just for the record 66% of all new cases of Coronavirus in New York City Ground Zero kind of place are coming from people who have been completely holed up and in their apartments for months now for weeks. So it's not like that's going to work anyway. So what you want want to do is find things to live for. Things to live for. So laughter very, very good. Watch some Seinfeld stand up comedy or old reruns of cheers or anything like that, or I like willing grace myself or grace and Frankie. So get your laughter going because that improves immunity and Norman Cousins who was the editor of the old you know, Saturday review wrote anatomy of an illness is perceived by the patient and what he found he had a very weird rheumatologic type disease with a lot of pain. If he could laugh, for he actually came up with the formula but it was like 10 minutes of a belly laugh gave him one hour pain free. So find something to laugh about. Absolutely. Stop watching the mainstream news. Just don't watch it. It will make you depressed. I knew that years ago, so I stopped watching the news. What have they done to us over the years? y2k? We're all going to die into the Mayan calendar. We're all going to die. swine flu. We're all going to die. I mean, one thing was that right now in the headlines, they have murder Hornets, right? Yes, yes. That's right. That's right. The murder Hornets. I mean, they're really grasping. Okay. Yes, they're we're starting to laugh out here because you know, people like you are the news at this point. Because they're not paying it. And I saw on Dell big tree today. I couldn't believe it. One of my favorite actors, Matthew McConaughey is out there saying, Oh my god, we're all in this together, meaning stay home and wear your mask. Like Matthew, weren't you in the Dallas Buyers Club. I mean, that movie that showed what, you know what the AIDS people were doing, hello. Anyway, so you need to laugh. You need to Get out in the sun. We also need to understand that as humans, we are herd creatures, we're not going to get herd immunity till we have the herd. You can't lock up the herd like individual cattle and little corrals where they're not with anyone else. We need to be with other people. I had a friend come to visit, and I gave him a big hug. And he said, Oh my god, I haven't had a human hug in like two months. This is you actually have mainstream people like Dr. falchi, saying we may never shake hands again, we you know, that hugging and kissing and the things that actually make us human. Seeing those pictures of children playing by themselves, oh, broke my heart. Yes. Especially when there's just zero medical things. There's no data if this were really truly saving lives. Oh, and one other thing I just need to bring up and that is I remember way back in the early early stuff. I began to hear about hydroxychloroquine which is been around for 60 years. And I recently heard again on through Delores Cahill, that the people who were on that for arthritis, because it's a malaria drug, but also it's good for lupus and arthritis, the people who were on it over the age of 68. Almost none of them got any Coronavirus as a prophylactic effect it yes, it doesn't. And the half life is apparently seven days. So all you need is like one tablet every week, and it cost about $13. So we couldn't possibly want anyone to know about this. I also saw there were two factories that make one of the main components that just burned to the ground. So Well, yeah. hydroxychloroquine is a really important component of the narrative and the anti narrative, because you have the President Trump actually put it out there in a big wy hydroxychloroquine and the combos with z Pak and zinc and so forth, that they could be a game changer, the President put that out there. And then you know, you had Burks and Fauci kind of contradicting him and saying, Well, maybe not, you know, evidence is anecdotal, and so forth. But then you have countries like France and Algeria and Vietnam and places where they're actually using this stuff immediately and aggressively and they're having an amazing, amazing results. Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, there's a very low risk to taking this type of drug to the side effects. I mean, they they try to put headlines where people are drinking fish tank medicine, and dying. I know. That's, that's completely different. Also, I remember because I watched the presser of Trump talking about the things you could do. And the mainstream media said that he said drink bleach he never, ever thought About experimental things with disinfectants. Yeah, yeah, but the truth is, if you look in vaccines, there's all kinds of disinfectants like formaldehyde, but there is well documented good stuff from using hydrogen peroxide, some stuff where you inhale that there's also just other things that are very very healthy for the body lemon water, but that is actually a bleach by the way and they the bad thing don't drink bleach bleach is quacky and stuff. That's their kind of line, but then they don't explain that actually lemon is bleach. Exactly, exactly. So it I think what's happening, especially with the censorship that as soon as you put something up, like Judy, Mike kovitch is planned danik and by the way, I've looked at all of her papers her when her narrative is the truth. But when they're when they are taking things down as soon as they're put up Listen to David icon he said I must be the most powerful man in the universe because I get 9 million views and then they take it down. What are they so afraid of? I mean that's all I can say for them so are the targets when when you get censored at that kind of level just for having a different thought that mean to me that's a signal of it's like a compass for the truth that that it's not like this direct evidence of the absolute truth because you actually have to find out hey, you know does what does what David actually makes sense but if someone is so threatened by that, that they yank it from the internet so that no one can think about it for themselves to me that means they're over the target. Always Always and that's what I tell people in my in my daily thing that I do on on Facebook, is that the body and Rashid butare talks about this, then our body have an ability to resonate with the truth. It's like the body knows that's part of you know, my book women's bodies women's wisdom, but also men habit as well. Men just don't call it intuition. They call it a hunch and out. But the body knows this. We know when we're being lied to, unless unless we've been hypnotized. And I believe that many, many people have been hypnotized about what is health. And what is medicine, by the mainstream mainstream medicine, which is, health is not just the absence of disease, but when you go to your doctor for your annual physical By the way, there's no science whatsoever that suggests that an annual physical helps anybody, that's the data, but when you go, you hear people say, I was given a clean bill of health, like you would learn. Every test was normal, your physical exam. as normal, then why am I so sick? Why do I feel so sick? We had the same thing going on with PMS in the 80s women would come in and tell me how they were suffering all their blood works fine. All the extra, everything is fine. So So what do you do in that situation? Well, you have to tell the woman she's crazy. Obviously, and or whatever you were told when you mainstream medicine, as it's practice now, is incredibly good. If you're in a car accident, or for trauma, it is beautiful. It is wonderful. And if you have a really good functional medicine doctor who understands nutrition, understand psychological factors, it's wonderful for that. But currently, the way it's taught in the mainstream medical system is it's extraordinarily connected to drugs. If you're depressed, it must be Prozac deficiency. You know, if you have diabetes, then get on these drugs instead of changing your diet. So you know people and and the same people, you know, who bring you the pills and all that are also bringing you glyphosate and all of the ways that GMOs and the way we're wrecking the food system. I mean, it's the big companies the globalist have an agenda. It looks like to kill everybody. Right? Well, yeah, you keep making money off of them, the more they are sick and dying. Yeah. So So you mentioned the word sovereignty when you talk about the state of New Jersey saying, hey, you can't make us get vaccinated. It seems like this whole this whole there's two sides, there's the back to work crowd and the shelter in place crowd you've got the Democratic governors trying to keep the lockdown longer. You've got the other states that are opening early not having any problems at all. So there seems to be a conflict that's brewing and coming to a head, especially with the this narrative of the mandated vaccines like the governor California saying, We don't even want to open up the state until there's vaccines for everyone. So people are going to have to make a choice about are they going to open up their business or not? Are they going to wear a mask or not? Are they going to social distance or not? Are they going to accept a vaccine or not? Do you have any thoughts about how people can stand in their sovereignty without kind of being this kind of like stressed out combative and aggressive person? Because that there is that kind of reaction when someone wants to take your sovereignty away or are very aggressive and violent and, and kind of charge? So do you have anything to say about that? I really do. So I think that there's three steps here. One, you acknowledge what's going on. I mean, you don't keep your head in the sand. You just see what going on, like this contact tracing and what they wanted to do in Ventura County, California. And now they're, you know, that's the big plan in my state contact tracing. Okay, so you acknowledge what's going on. And by the way, we don't have contract trace contact tracing for HIV. I mean, we, you know, we don't need that we really don't need that, especially now, because the virus has made its way through many of us are already immune. I'm certain that I had it in February. So we don't need that at all. That's another agenda. So you acknowledge the agenda, but you do not let yourself get caught in fear and anger because those two things will plummet your immunity and make you sick, but you use those things as jet fuel. You declare your sovereignty, I will not consent. We now have in a group that I'm part of millions against medical mandates. Ma Ma dot org and everyone listening, please just sign up. Because we're just questioning the mainstream narrative. There are millions of us now, we work with JFK Jr. We work with Dell big tree. We are a winner. Yes, yeah, with Sherry tenpenny. We work with everybody under a big umbrella. So that you need to know you're not alone. You declare your sovereignty, we do not consent. We do not consent. And then and then you do a third step, which is, you know, sort of the law of attraction that many of us have been introduced to, you don't push up against what you don't want because you'll get more of it. So instead, you think the dark forces for bringing humanity together for waking people up and by the way, there will be a certain group of people I saw some study where it showed that even if everything opens up and nobody gets it anymore, whatever, there's still going to be a percentage of people who will stay home because they are scared to death. And Zack bush whose work I adore, just points out that what this is really, really about is we need to get over our fear of death. Because that is what is driving everything. So you know, it's okay to not live because we're so afraid of death, that we're just not going to live. This is insane. It's insane. Yeah, yeah, I think that's a really good point. This is a collective consciousness issue of that if we had done none of the shutdown and none of the social distancing, and you had a certain percentage of elderly and immune compromised people who died. That is part of life it is, you know, that's it's difficult to say, it's not devaluing those people's lives at all. You know, but but we have to look at the risks. of living in society and hey, maybe we should reevaluate pollution and genetic modification and vaccines and other things that that make us sick so that we can live healthy lives on our terms, meaning children play together, and we give hugs and kisses and handshakes, and all those things that make us human. So it seems like with this whole declaring sovereignty and the dark agenda and everything, that there's a victim perpetrator dynamic, and that when you actually thank the perpetrators, maybe not literally, but it's kind of a symbolic symbol. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mm hmm. That you're removing the perpetrator from the dynamic so that that dynamic can't occur anymore. And I feel like in our daily lives, we don't have people with a gun pointed at our head saying you have to take a vaccine, you have to wear a mask. You know that that's really in our mind that feeling of being forced in authority over us because we recognize them as an authority which is far That's right. You know, David I access I think his book is called, I don't know, get up off your knees, humanity, get up off your knees. If you know if like, here's a way to start, okay, just a little way to start. You go into a grocery store, maybe you wear a mask going in, but then you take it off, then you see someone else without a mask. You go over to them, you can keep your social distance, you know, because we're herd creatures, and then give them a big smile of recognition. Because we need to begin to support each other in doing the right thing because the narrative is my mask is protecting you. But that's not true. As Candice Owens says, my freedom does not end at your fear. And so, you know, we have to do this to make everyone comfortable. We have to do this to make everyone comfortable. Actually, we don't and those of us who really know scientific Physically medically, that the mask is making everything worse because Have you noticed with the mask, what I've noticed people won't make eye contact. They somehow think that you know, if they make eye contact, if we're human human, they're going to catch something. That's how scared they are. Or you're walking out on a nature trail at least earlier. This isn't happening now. Where people yeah, they'll go to the other side and look down. That isn't happening now anymore. I think people are realizing, Hey, wait a minute. And hasn't this given us an amazing opportunity to connect with each other across the globe? It's a it's a catalyst for awakening because we recognize what's at stake. It's our humanity, our connection with others, our freedom of choice, our sovereignty, when we feel it slipping away when people are claiming that they can take that away from us, then we can assert ourselves and say no, this is what we stand for. This is what we believe in. This is what we're going to do. So thank you, Dr Northrup for encouraging sovereignty and because you were a part and are a part of the medical community that means a lot to me to have someone like you that I can refer to your resources as well. So, where can people go to learn more about you and your your work? You can go on Facebook, Dr. Christian Northrup, Instagram, Dr. Christian Northrup, or just my website as everything, Dr. in o r th are up. Thank you so much for your time. Okay, it's been a pleasure. Everyone, I have great news. So this channel now has a sponsor. And so that's going to support me to create more Q and on Coronavirus and alternative topic videos. And I have a friend named Lucas from Arizona. 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