The Menswear Style Podcast
Sam Carew, Co-Founder of Elliott Footwear
Sam Carew, Co-Founder of Elliott Footwear 31:21 Cormac Folan, Co-Founder of Alder & Green 23:32 John Bright, Founder of The Good Neighbour 26:04 Sebastien Laroze & Dhiraj Bathija, Co-Founders of Ascot X Charlie 21:06 Chris Gregory, Founder of ENDURE 26:07 Riz Smith, Co-Founder of Riz 32:35 David Gandy, Founder of David Gandy Wellwear 28:35 Nick Reed, Founder of Neem London 32:58 Paul Farago, Founder of Ace Marks 29:40 Julie Deane, Founder of The Cambridge Satchel Co. 40:01 Peter Ricci, Co-Founder of MANTL 36:20 Geoff Souster, Co-Founder of Souster & Hicks 1:22:19 Pierre-Yves Monnerville, Founder of Monnerville 24:43 Andreas Christian von der Heide, Co-Founder of Les Deux 22:42 Joakim Blom, Co-Founder of The Resort Co 27:58 Scott Golbourne, Co-Founder of AREA CODE 46:52 Sally Hughes, Founder of Kair 32:31 Robert Tateossian, Founder of Tateossian 23:49 Ivo Zuazo, Founder of Theodore Herald 20:53 Jamie Lundy, CEO at 7L (SEVEN LAYER) 38:56 Jacqueline Mozanowski, Co-Founder of OBLIVIOUS? 19:36 From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films 24:14 Jon Graham, CEO at Miller Harris 30:28 Matthew Oliver, Founder of Oliver Co. London 20:31 Mats-Ola Ström, Co-Founder of Tailor Store 22:48