Crazy Canuck Truckin'

Episode 14 Sonia, "Keys" to the New Year and more...

January 01, 2021 Crazy Canuck Season 1 Episode 14
Crazy Canuck Truckin'
Episode 14 Sonia, "Keys" to the New Year and more...
Show Notes

Sonia Funk is an Employee Wellness Analyst and Nutritional Therapist from Morden MB who understands that employees are overwhelmed with their own day-to-day lives as it is. They are not interested in feel-good challenges for their nutrition, walking or drinking more water, which only have about a 10% participation rate. She also knows that a one-time "lunch and learn" which doesn't offer employees a perception shift nor immediately usable tools, doesn't even get in the first ear anymore.

Her approach is heart-centred and her calls to action are full of empathy and realism.
You can follow her at , @bigpicturewellness on Instagram and on LinkedIn under her name. 

David Henry is a long distance trucker with a passion for storytelling. He has pounded the asphalt ribbon across all lower 48 States and most of Canada including the Arctic.

He is a freelance writer and can be found on Twitter @crazycanuckdave.

On Instagram follow the episodes at @crazycanucktruckin . We are now also on Youtube as Crazy Canuck Truckin

Bridgette Readel is a technical agronomist with a flair for using creative ways to explain the hows and whys of farming. Check her out on Twitter @bmreadel

Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc. honor our supply chain heroes in new single, “It Didn’t Fall from The Sky (Trucking Uncle Sam)”, available now on all streaming platforms via Mighty Loud Records.  There are many first responders that we depend on even when there isn’t a pandemic and we appreciate them all.  We celebrate the asphalt cowboys, the American Truck Driver and all the trucking Uncle Sam’s on the road bringing it on every day.  This is the first single off of their upcoming full-length country album that is set to release this summer.  

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