WVD Community Podcast

WVD Community Weekly Podcast - Episode 1

May 10, 2020 Neil Season 1 Episode 1
WVD Community Podcast
WVD Community Weekly Podcast - Episode 1
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In this week's episode we cover the WVD Weekly news for the week ending 10th May 2020.  We discuss the following topics: 

WVD Community Update
VDI Like a Pro survey
WVD Spring Update
Microsoft Defender ATP
Azure Sentinel 
+ much much more!

We also interview Tom Hickling who is a Microsoft Global Black Belt for for WVD.  He tells us about the Spring Update, what's coming in the next 12 months and more. 


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Hello and welcome to the Do BVD weekly news podcast. My name is Dan MacLachlan.

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My name is stable. Document, sir.

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Well, let's teach each diesel cells state, man. It's no McLachlan. Um, been around in a t fair 20 years now, Um, spent the past 10 years doing virtualization. Um, probably spent the past five years focused on Citrix on my May focus for the past 6 to 12 months is probably around. Is your on Windows Virtual desktop Technologies? Um I company work as a Citrix and technical architect. Concord New signature on Based in UK

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My name is Dave from Big Announcer and I'm applause from engineer working for family Stay in the Netherlands I've been working in the i t for the Lost off. Here's a different kind of roles on nowadays I'm focusing on cloud technologies in the motor workspace with products like in June max or 3 65 and of course, W. V. D.

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So now we'll head over into this week's newsletter. Um, so it's been a busy week in need with those virtual desolate community. I'm so Stefan, you wanna give us but even update on the community site

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that we're running. Oh yes, it needs new. It's It's been a very busy week on the WPD community. So since, like, two weeks ago, we started our reflect community channel, we already got over 70 members, people from my So, for example, Tami Cling, which will be in our very first podcast today, um, as joining and is helping us getting the community up a runny for the next few, uh, a few weeks ago. View out some guests lineup for the our podcast. So yeah, it will be fun. Definitely.

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Yeah, it's great. So it's good to see so growing so quickly. Um, she said, in two weeks time, maybe 70 people in this lifestyle. It's just they're just awesome that

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people already boasting questions and helping each other so cool to see that

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certainly is. Certainly this get I'm so in someone used as well. So, um, with the DVD A like a pro several, um, that rooms every year. Um, that's ending this week, so it's really critical that you get your submissions in on time. I'm I've done it myself over the past few years, and it's ah is good, too, though, So when you fill in actually questions about your around night morning, what your plans are for the next 12 months except us. So, um, what were what really is useful is when you submit and they send out the final 40 I'm you get lots of good information about how all the people do things. So it's got so highly recommends that you, ah, these feel the inside the links on our newsletter say if you go to our website looking the newsletter, I'm getting linked to feel that

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school. We also got some new great stuff from Christian Brink. Oh, Christian Brink of could be used to write amazing content by releasing a guide on the backs of the community in which he goes into a lot of detail around the new RN based WPD Deployments, uh, discusses the old first the new ones and provide, as always, an end up guide not to create a new O school and connected W Vili session owes Do the new spring release updates. So again, great stuff from Christian.

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Yet after agree it was well on that one. That's it's a really in depth guy. So if you're looking to go from soft from right beginning to full enter in solution. You can deal with that from from Christians website. So it was not Christians works at the tech community website. But yes, it's a really good guy. So we high recommend you go and visit that if you can. We've also got the post about Max off Defender 80 p now going previous for for Windows 10 multi session. I'm obviously securities at the forefront of everyone's minds these days. I'm so tough. The defender 80 p capability in wv day is Ah, Nova Leia really fifth Adobe V day to enhance the security of the platform and the user's doing as well. So, um, the link to the post is, ah news lesser so, of how recommend you gonna have Look at that, Andi, We've also got ah post about as your sentinel so as your sentinel again. Security focus. So, um, weaken basically, before would all our security events it to lock analytics, which thank afford its two sentinel. Um, so you can create some action based rules. For example, if you suspect you varmints getting the hats

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or offer

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security events, um, to do whatever you want it to do. Basic so that's that's well worth a read.

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So we also got a great new post from Marshall Murderer Marshall. Mary is the guy from the W VD admin to Onda. We made it possible to my great jar fall to spring release how schools So we created a A script edited to DW video. Me, too to just migrate your current configuration for your house. Boost your application groups to your new RM based Brooks faces for W foodie spring release. So again, very good job from muscle were to get this, uh, released.

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Yeah, that's ah, that's going to save a lot of people a lot of time s Oh, yeah, I can each thanks from everyone in the communities to Marcel because he's doing every week. It's just produces amazing content and amazing user built in its tool. So, yeah, good job box. Um, we've also got post around GPS. So Thomas Papa, God has done a post around or presentation idyllic community event a few weeks ago. So how you recommend you are going download that if you can, especially if you're thinking about running GPU because he's got some really good best process advice in there um I'm not so very quickly as well. We've got some information on Travis Roberts has done a do BVD spring update video. Um, she's useful info. I'm got someplace by dealers around saying working directories in beauty remote perhaps, um, we've got supposed from Simon sounds and from a Joe about running on DVD. Um, in my Jell O s as well as running, Zemun seems natively for Nigel device. I'm so that's quite interesting to see on some of a community post that people power. I'm around retrieving Rdp falls, um, so you can run them nature of even whatever Parcells you have in your environment. So that's from John Sheridan. So that's that's good. Read if you if you got that particular problem, I'm also what I found interesting this Ah, as Adina to BVD Osco. I'm for Met Mary checks totally. Um, he's quite a popular, um, person in the max off world. I'm she postal constant around Max after general, but just sort of shows to focus that we really is getting, um is that the nets publish articles specifically about it, so that was quite good. So good to see

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so a lot off a lot of new stuff happening. A lot of great things happening in a wpd.

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Yeah, it's It's amazing to see growing and developing so quickly. Um, it's one of things that I found most astounding when I first started doing this site. Um, just how much constant Norris out effort. And every week, it seems speaking and more, more, more, more. Yes. Uh, I think being used that front, we're gonna be very busy the next

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the next few months.

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Yeah. Um, so yeah, I think that's it from this next This week's news I'm is anything else that you want Discourse? Stefano.

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They should be. And over to the interview with Dom Eggeling. New

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yet Get Yep. So up next, we've got needs to be with some pickling I'm Tom's A Max of Global, but boat in WTI. So he's got some medical, in fact, for us around the spring of day and some other stuff which would discuss So I'm over, so interview

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Yeah. Hello. So your money is time, Hickling? I am a Windows virtual desktop global black belt at Microsoft that has nothing to do with any kind of martial arts. It is just there to didn't know a specialization. So there's lots of global back belts in Microsoft specifically around new products pro seven incubation or just being released or products that are particularly complex. So we have we have permanent, Ah, global black belts or things like networking and S a P, for example. Um, so I've been around it Microsoft for approaching five years now. I started as, ah cloud solution architect. And then, um, which which was great. It was apt. I took a step away from end user computing, which was fantastic, but it it drew me back in again. You could never escape on, but was with me or when Citrix released Citrix Cloud. And then there was massive interest in our customers and I started a relationship between Microsoft UK and Citrix UK around driving Citrix Cloud on Azure for ourself joint customers. Um, and that's effectively started off probably back into end user computing, to the point where I've now ended up being completely dedicated again. Obviously, in the context of wpd,

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it's good. Yeah, I'm new. McLaughlin been around for a while now around 20 years, and I say Ah, Courtney, work chemical, new signature. I'm uh, Citrix undo BVD 10 o'clock sect. Um, probably spent the past 10 years there in nothing but Citrix on but the Saudis to make the John begin in the air. So you try and focus on Citrix and w beauty seems kind of where the market's going and have kind of falling in love with technology. Um, so yeah, speak. Um, so, yeah, let's make a start to the acuity. I'm Stefan to begin with a question,

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so Well, so we've prepared a few questions for you. So, um, first things first, they tell us something more about Are you can involved with wpd from yen? When did it start for you for?

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Well, I suppose it started for me back before wpd was even created. So Microsoft had a thing called Is your remote app which was RDS? Effectively from a cloud of a service. So it was great. Um, but it it was actually the first. My first is your service toe, actually. Go end of life. Um, it was there was a number of reasons behind that. Um, that was my first off introduction. Teoh Microsoft's end user computing capabilities coming out of your, um then when I joined Microsoft. Like I said, I started working on Citrix Cloud projects that would all running on the shore. Um um after we ended the usual remote at product, then the that was the beginnings of what is now wpd. But there was a product in between called rdm mired and whether anybody remembers that remote desktop modern infrastructure, which was the precursor toe what WV has become. So there was an internal Microsoft own employees only. Ah, private preview for that capability. This is going back maybe 34 years now on Just got on board with that. And there was a small community in Microsoft U K as well as Microsoft Global just around internal people testing the hell out of it and finding problems and start talking about it. That then grew to WV. And then there was obviously another internal community for that and that just grew and grew and grew to the point they went into public preview. There was expected demand for it from our customers. And then Microsoft created this global black Belt teams specifically for W V D, which is run actually out of Microsoft markets off corporate, not Microsoft in any of the local areas. So that's what enables this team to get quite close support from the product groups of the the PM's as well as the developers of the actual product

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cases get. So let's boil. I've been like push backers. I know it's like wondering which have been impressed about is how open Max after Big without this whole thing. Obviously, Scott Manchester has been pushing publicly and on. There's been a lot of Webcast about it, and so far so yes, it's really impressive to see the new max office kind of embracing this technology, yet aware that like and listening to their customers and helping them publicly and stuff So

spk_2:   13:36
yeah, but I think that's actually that's a result of is your? I think so. The jury is obviously a massively broad service with, Well, who would have thought Lennox Microsoft would be pushing linens? But 50% of our the EMS running in azure are linens, Destro's um so that means having open community and we one of the biggest contributors and get up. Um, so you know, we're all open source. Ah, you know, which is great, which is then I think encourage this or flourishing of community more than has ever been in the past. And that's that's paying dividend made. Like like you're saying,

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Okay, I'm so it's big news. Last week was the spring update. Yep. Um, I know a lot of people would be waiting for this, Um, because I'd that they about everyone else but himself kind of see the previous to be the days kind of vision one. You're obviously where vision. See, you start to make big improvements on the product. Spring update. Seeds were both those improvements. Sochi sells a bit. Bob Barr about swing. Good day.

spk_2:   14:43
Yeah, yeah, for sure. So the first thing is the name. It's obviously the autumn stroke winter update in the Southern Hemisphere, which is perhaps a little bit confusing. But the point here is that, um is your doesn't have any versions. Okay? Wpd also doesn't have any versions because it is effectively, a platform is going to get constant updates. So we, as Microsoft droppin updates every day to is your they will be updates appearing in wpd regularly at a regular cadence. There will also be these significant updates of spring up day. Is this significant update on. Hence, it was get his own name. But the point here is expect lots of change going forward over time, but also a periodic major events so that the biggest update, which I think is what everybody has been waiting for, is is that actually that W V D has now become what's referred to as an arm service arm is azure resource manager and azure Resource manager is the component that sits between users effectively on the underlying hardware. In our data centers. There's a massively complex piece of while it is beyond software, but but basically it takes in all of the A P I calls from wherever they might be coming from the poor for powershell Cielo resting or whatever it might be and on then initiates that command against numerous what's referred to his resource providers. For example, there's a compute resource provided that's the service that compiles or the compute. It works in conjunction with the network provider for next that come together to make a virtual sheen, for example, so W video up until this point has not bean an arm ah service or a knob. Jek is being actually stored separately in a sort proprietary database eventually. So what that means is that now it's an azure service sort. Sorry. Now that it's in an armed service, you get a lot of the benefits that is your brings to any kind of workload. The most visual one of those is the azure portal. So now customers can go directly to the local and go in deploy windows virtual desktop natively, end to end. Or, as in the past, it's being power shell. There's been a simple is your Web app service Web components to go and do some of the administration, so that also then brings a whole load of other benefits. So is your A D groups. Now I know this has been a problem on a bit of ah ah, an issue for large customers because we only supported a D user objects. So it was time consuming to have lots of groups. What groups of uses I should say. So now natively out of the box you we support 80 groups on we also support is your are back role based access control. Now this has been around, and it's root for some time. It is predominantly around providing ad men level delegation to objects inside of Azure, so that service now enables us to provide delegation across all of the WD. Objects in an organization could separate out their host balls. Application groups, etcetera, vier our bag. But what it also does our back is. What is enabling us to provide is your A D users and groups. So there's another resource provider called the desktop Virtualization Resource provider. This you might have to register this when you initially deployed WPD, because all of these resource providers do require registration when their first deployed. So that's what enables us to provide that user access. There's one of the additional benefits is we cannot scale out these virtual machines natively inside of the azure portal. So prior to that, you had to rerun the templates, specify existing host pools and resource groups, and then do a little bit of maths around the number of machines you want added. We've simplified that significantly by just saying I want this pool. We're gonna expand it by X number of virtual. So that's a nice, handy little feature on monitoring is being significantly improved, so now you can directly link Wpd objects to any number off log analytics works basis, and in fact, you can also send out your look information to is your storage. But Log Analytics is is our logging service, and it was rise lots of reports visualizations on again to enable organizations that have some kind of delegation. You can specify which Host Ball, for example, goes after which Log analytics workspace. So if you've got lots of business units that want some kind of separation, you can you can also achieve that. Um, and then perhaps the most of the other one that gets a lot of customer questions is the meta data. So this is just the data about your configuration. So these users have access to these host bowls. For example, up until this point in time, it's only be able to store that in the US so for customers that have some kind of sovereignty concerns that that might be an issue. And we want some customers and said we're not going to use WPD until we can get that metadata stored in the U. K. Or in the year so arm has enabled. That capability now is not fully live. Yeah, even in this In the preview, we do support a whole host of US regions. But by the time hopefully we go g A. We will be supporting some some regions on this side upon so that then opens up a whole host of opportunities for customers that do have those sort of sovereignty issues. Onda fight, I think off the top, my head is native power show support. So prior to this, there's Bean, a dedicated powershell module. So we've now built that into existing power show. So a za wpd So that is just standard. Nothing particular to have to go in deploy.

spk_0:   20:48
It's a lot of new clues. A lot of new things. Yeah, When is it due to g eight and I was you mentioned is in previous Oh,

spk_2:   20:55
yeah. So it's currently in preview Public preview. It's due to go g A in this half of the year. So hopefully by the end of, um so well, this off is all like I suppose I could say at this point it should be going here. So it's not that The point is, it's not a long way off which we should, which is a good this is good news.

spk_0:   21:18
Get Steph and you'll be the next question.

spk_1:   21:24
Yes. So since a few weeks, new and myself created the W v d community. Andi, I would like to thank you. First of all, for for your help and involvement off getting that up and running. It's great to see that and just spoke to the new about this one. We already get 77 members of on our sled community Onda The weekend newsletters so good. Thank you very much for your help in this round,

spk_2:   21:56
right? Well, well done for starting in the first place.

spk_0:   22:00
Yeah, it's just Ah, just It's just so lovely to see this new max often in the way of the kind of embracing this thing. Um, I mean, stuff like this could just not have happened previously. Right near the way we used to work. Obviously, we leave yourself in, obviously Christian and Jim Mile just being so open and public and helping customers I know previously in the past where I've got to get marks after us questions and it's always been local support call. We'll get back to you and no one they give it back to you And just to have this complete openness is, uh, it's what's driving the products. Really? Yeah. Yeah, that was making them so better because the users have so much input. Yeah, it's

spk_2:   22:43
what happens here on that that runs all the way through. To be honest, it you most of that has changed quite a lot, and we are listening significantly more toe customers on that. That's really what we're here to, you know, here to do, to make customers successful as much as we can. So if that involves, you know, passing their information, you know, in their request directly into the product and the product group appreciate because they need to know what what's happening out there in the field with customers directly, because there is the possibility of them just getting slightly isolated developing stuff. But it needs to be meeting what customers are expecting. Really?

spk_0:   23:21
E. I mean, I can't wait for Well, if you look at the solution as it is now, so for me personally, for when it goes g A. When you get all the teams integration on when you get all the messy axe touch, it's gonna be a something pretty amazing said to deploy. Yeah, yeah, it should be quite.

spk_2:   23:41
I think it should be game changing, particularly with the combination. Like he said, Emma, sites and Attach would solve the application problems, combined with a cloud based orchestration and administration service with the flexibility in the choice. And I suppose, the horse power that is your provides in terms of choice and flexibility around the Virtue Machines is either all running on is just the perfect combination up until this point has just never bean possible at all. So it's It's good times for this, Phyllis and use a computer workload.

spk_0:   24:16
You mean Stefan Revenue chat this morning around of its great into beauty into Devil's Pipelines is too flat that Yeah, yeah, she said. When you think about that and the power that back in bring, it's just mind blowing.

spk_2:   24:29
Yeah, yeah, And who would have thought that that would have been possible? That you could write some code and then have a continuous pipeline pump out birch machines at the end of day? And I've uses connecting onto them? Yeah, yeah, it z

spk_1:   24:41
the euro. Yes. So a lot of customers are already seeing like the bet the benefits of WPD, especially when they already got their their Mexico to 65 licenses. And at the end, they think the power of it. They only has to, ah, get up. The DD resource is on the user get license. But one are from your experience that the biggest benefits for customers when they are going to use, like WV

spk_2:   25:28
yeah, so I think the 1st 1 you've alluded to the fact is that the vast majority of customers don't have to buy a license for this. It's it's licensed or it's entitled by a license that they already only that. So that's great. And customers love it when they hear that that they don't have to go to buy anything, which is kind of unheard off coming from Microsoft of old maybe, um on. Then I suppose the other benefits we hear, and particularly perhaps in my previous role, which was just a generalised around, is your architecture for customers. We got lots of customers trying to get out of managing data centers because you know they might be an insurance company or a bank if they don't do data centers on its not part, they're called business So why not give that to someone else who is really, really good at it, which obviously marks after very good? Um, and so in that course they'd be migrating pretty much everything out of their data sense. And we do have some customers that have closed down on premise data centers because they've migrated all of their work clothes out of it. There are others that doing things piecemeal on there, others that just looking at specific workloads. But those organizations that are trying to reduce or will completely remove their data center footprint. At some point they're going to come up with their sort of their virtual desktop estate, and that's going to be the next workload that needs to move out of their data centers, Onda assures. That is now the perfect place to do that. So you know the combination of having Wpd as a managed service that the choice of all of the machines in our IRS service for the compute for that service combined with office 365 and you know potentially dynamics or any of the other services they made, they might have enables this almost like a no brainer solution for them end to end to enable this sort of consistent user experience. But just taking advantage of everything that's available from a jury. And you know you've probably seen the list is as long as your arm of all of the available services that resort on many of them have some relevance over a virtual desktop product. There was never been possible before because obviously that's fun, you know, historically, always on premises. So is that sort of combination of what is your can provide behind a virtual desktop. We're seeing, you know, the most amount of interest, I suppose, from from our customers that are deploying this.

spk_0:   27:48
It's certainly very impressive seekers. A lot of stuff which you explained, is that no extra costs as well, really isn't. It's kind of like, but you say, deploying solutions where everything that you are gone as an extra cost of suits used to to it. But a lot of the things that you get with all this, you don't have to pay you for next four, which is just mind blowing. Yeah,

spk_2:   28:11
exactly. And I suppose the other benefit is, and this applies to all of our IRS services, of which you know, the birch machines that make up WDR is a big component, but customers, you know, they bought massive amounts of infrastructure and put into leaders and massive sands. You know, hundreds of thousands of servers on that's a sunk cost so much they might have to pay for that over five years, regardless of how much is being used as your gives them the capability. Say, Well, as soon as we're not using this, you know, we're gonna power off these virtue machines. And Michael, stop charging for the compute elements of those virtue machines. So it does provide customers this capability. You know, this new capability of saying Well, well, it's a pure consumption model from virtual desktop estate. So, you know, we might have uses the hopes of 9 to 5 less to say simplistically outside of that time. There's nobody using our platform. So why why are we paying for it? So is your now is you know it's a public cloud. Is the mechanism for doing that? That's just a no unprecedented and hasn't been possible in virtual desktop estates on premises, even though you might potentially be able to power off the physical hardware. There's no cost savings from doing that. Because you you pay your

spk_0:   29:25
Yes, I come from well, open cell. Probably. You're 6 12 months ago. I come from a non print background, so I'm used to deploying Citrix platforms where we gotta go out and spend £35 million of loaded kit. And then we got spend the next three months, stick it on the day centre in creating firewall rules. And then we've got spending never for two months. Critic golden image and testing get and still file out and now have the ability to basically do all of that within a couple of hours. Yeah. Yeah,

spk_2:   29:58
exactly. So So we know that. Yeah. We call that phenomenon being able to fail fast. So failing. Historically, I suppose when you spent a lot of money on infrastructure is of massive problem, whereas, you know, in the cloud, if you fail you, that's your That's basically your first opportunity now to get it right a second time. Andi, you've only paid for what you've consumed in that period of times. If you've done something and realized. Actually, we've made a mistake in our calculations. We need toe start again. Or maybe we've chosen the wrong birch machines. Well, you know, that's to start again. When you paid for that, you know, it's going to play a whole lot more and retest. And now we're confident that we've got the right numbers and we're good to go without, You know, anybody in their jobs on the line Effectively.

spk_0:   30:44
So So what can you share some biggest success stories that you've other customers? Well, I was that made the biggest impact.

spk_2:   30:52
Yeah, I suppose most of them have bean now bean related to Corona virus. Um, so that there's been lots of sort projects that were kicked off prior to this, But because of Cove, it issue. No, it's effectively little. It seems like a long way back in the past, but we do have lots of customers that gone over a weekend and got in deployed. Um, so I think the biggest one we've had over a weekend after Cove, it was a German company who deployed 6000 gm's 6000 w vdv ems for their uses. And then we're productive on the Monday morning for those those users. So they sent home all of their employees. Um and then on the Monday they were productive again. So that's that's just unheard off. Andi, I think all of the successes over the last six weeks have Bean all related Teoh Corona virus. So there was one customer that spoke to me about this. They sent all of their their uses home because they will work. Their office was in central London so nobody could go in. But just before they left, they were dishing out laptops to everybody on day just ran out. They just did not have enough laptops, you know, nowhere near enough laptops for all of their employees. So the only solution waas some kind of virtual desktop estate and ah, the guy, The winning deployed this again, did it over a short period of time and was just blown away by the fact that, you know, within a couple of days he had the remaining workforce that didn't have a laptop. They were again consuming their line of business APS and just doing their lay john from home. Um, so whilst cove, it was never in the planning for this on whilst remote working has always bean a pillar off. Both wpd and you know Citrix of the End, where the that that's always been one of the the prime use cases in some of the marketing material. It's now actually happened in real anger on being forced upon everybody rather than people thinking or well, let's have a remote access solution for, you know, a large if not all, of our you know, a large portion. If not all of our users. Um, that's now become an absolute harsh reality, and what we found is the In the vast majority of those cases, the platform stands Andi customers and users at you know, an important use. It says. You know, some people with critical roles during this time period, you know, able to continue working. So we also had a customer that was part of the NHS to GPS or an NH trust that was enabling their GPS toe work from home, um, consuming all of their sort of doctors applications so that the real benefit that use cases that wpd just disappeared behind the scenes. Nobody actually knew or cared that it was wpd. Just the fact that doctors were continuing to be ableto, um, dispense medicine through their their applications. But doing so from home. So keeping people healthy was, you know, was the rial use case here and the the real success. Um, so yeah. No, it is that there's stories like that are coming out of the world, but left, right and center that we can't really keep up with those air, some never on my

spk_0:   34:13
mind. Anyway, I think their company work. Obviously we've got to situate cloud on the tank frames so flat that I'm they've only really been about, probably for the past couple of years, right? So I don't think how companies would have responded without this cove in 19 if we didn't have those kind of sluices in place.

spk_2:   34:32
Well, yeah, is that people would have been busily upgrading their VPN links and that would have taken days, weeks, possibly months. So there would have bean, you know, massive amounts of people that just couldn't do anything from home so that we would have been well being sent home and large portions of the, you know, the population would have been unproductive. So, you know, whilst it's still not, I think by far it's not ideal circumstances. This technology has made a real possibility that lots and lots of people can still be productive at home. So

spk_1:   35:08
everywhere. Yeah, so we just We just talked about a few success stories. Thumb, But I can understand there are also a few challenges for customers. Like, for example, when they're not already moved to measure, they're back, and they're still running on premises. So one of your what are the common challenges which you will see on the customer sides?

spk_2:   35:33
Yeah. So I think the 1st 1 perhaps, is a perception. What is your is great at is that you can go to the azure portal and basically switch something on. Um, So for example, let's just say you are Ah ah, developer. And you needed somewhere to store some data. So you in a couple of minutes, you can go and just deploy is your secret, Eby, and you get connection string. You feed that into application and you're done. So it's effectively a light. Switch it on and you're ready to go. Whilst that is kind of similar with wpd. Obviously we all know that there's a whole load of complexity around things like applications, user profiles, sizing, um, all of that kind of stuff, unfortunately, doesn't disappear just because it w v. D. And I think lots of customers think we can just go to switch this thing on. And we're good to go, which is only partially true. So, you know, hopefully, in the future we'll see something that does improve that significantly. But today, customers still need to understand their estate that the requirement is that customers still and need to understand their applications what the application usage, the resource utilization of applications looks like so that they can go and then correctly size and deploy initial. Now we kind of said earlier that we now provide to Capel it of failing fast, but it doesn't take away that the customs still needs to kind of know they're estate before they're embarking on this. Um, having any kind of is your knowledge is, ah, massive benefit. Um, it's not massively complex, and it's very similar, exposed in terms of the standard. So standard networking applies in azure. There are some differences. Um, so having that sort background knowledge of infrastructure, particularly cloud infrastructure, is also a requirement. There's lots of kind of smaller things that we typically find that customers rush into that. Perhaps they don't understand some of the requirements. So that's but it's the same thing that happens on premises so that probably one of the number one things that people miss was DNs inside of visual. So we have, you know, when we go into probably wpd host pools, the VM is needed to join a domain they obviously need to be able to contact the domain controller on. If customers haven't set the DNS settings on the vehicle. Lena, then details on it was just, you know, lots and lots of failures in that area.

spk_0:   37:55
I've seen that so many times. It is always the unis

spk_2:   38:00
on it that that comment is exactly true, and it remains to be to be true in Azure, Unfortunately, so customers just need to, I suppose, read the documentation to understand exactly, um, what they're doing. But we know we take away a lot of the headaches around the management of all of those RTs roles you know much, much like Citrus crowd does in terms of Citrix capabilities. So that's taken care of. But still understanding the core plumbing, Let's say, in Azure that's required to host these workloads.

spk_0:   38:31
Um, you still see a lot of people deploying WD on Super Citrix? Clumsy. They work together. Donate?

spk_2:   38:36
Yeah, Absolutely. So that the way that is actually done is on. But, um Italy. I made this mistake before thinking that it was doubly video on top of Citrix. Um, what Citrix actually don't. And this applies to the end. Where as well, um, they are allowed to provide to their customers the benefits of Windows Virtual desktop and really the main benefit. Besides it, being a management service is Windows 10 multi session, which is obviously this combination of effectively the RDS scalability capability combined with the true rich Windows 10 user experience. So what Citrus enable is for Citrus customers to consume the Citrix Cloud Management plane using all of the Citrix technology. So hdx you know, or I see a as well as all of the other Citrix components studio director and net scale or that kind of stuff, but also consume Windows 10 multi session. So what it is for Citrus cloud customers is great because it's Citrix end to end. But with one thing that is really the hero solution from wpd that kind of makes the big difference. So obviously they could go WV native, and they will be using a different management plane, which is obviously the WPD management plane. But like you said, you know, there's still many, many customers out there with Citrix on premises or they've already gone to Citrus crowd. But now they want to take advantage of the that hero solution, which they they absolutely can do just by being able to consume Windows 10 multi session through Citrus crowd.

spk_0:   40:19
Good, Good. I'm seriously to be Dave about year enough someone, it's officially released, right?

spk_2:   40:27
It was released TV. Yeah. Oh, in public preview. Yes, probably eight. We went g A What was that? The 30th of September, Remember? Because I was actually over in Redmond that week for sort an internal training session on wpd s. So it was kind of perfect timing on it kind of just resonated that we you know, this team was over in Redmond speaking to the product group the day after that was that actually went g A. Said that kind of that date does stick in my mind quite well.

spk_0:   41:02
Still quite young, really, isn't it? It's

spk_2:   41:05
very young yet, you

spk_0:   41:06
know, Where do you see obviously what? What's I know? You probably can't share everything on, but what's the store for the next 12 months for us? Obviously, I'm I know there's gonna be a lot of stuff because what we've seen from the past and six months alone. So you know, what can we expect in the next sort of? Almost also. So there's there's things on the

spk_2:   41:27
public road map, so things like teams optimization, we get a lot of lots of interest. That s so that is definitely coming. So that will be again, a sort of a bit of a game changer, because obviously customers want to use teams predominantly for voice and video calling. Now it works. Everything else works fine. But boys and it is a non optimized at this point. When when that's optimized, then the user experience would be basically as it is on a physical device. That's the development target anyway. So that's coming. We've already mentioned M s I X attach eso that's going to be a quite substantial game changer for managing applications and then that enables us really to get to the nirvana of a complete separation of the compute from the profile from the application. So we do get to that capability of having a virtual desktop estate made up of cattle completely, which we really don't care about those birch machines. What we really care about is the applications, the profile to provide the user experience. And that's what's truly important. Toe organizations. Um, a couple of other things. So there's a thing called Rdp short path that's being developed now. This is actually taken a bit of hit because of Corona virus, so it has been pushed out slightly. Got a point for this product or capability is to again to reduce the Layton see to get to the Verge machines. So currently, as it stands, um, a customer connects from their device wherever that might be going through the closest management plane through to the Virtue machine that they host in there is your subscription, and they can place them wherever they want in any of our 56 growing um is your regions and then the reverse of that. The reversed traffic follows that same flow. What Rdp short part will do in conjunction with express route is it will allow the user to connect to the management clean and then be told what the I P addresses of their virtue machine. And then they will be able to connect privately across express route directly into their veena. So bypassing our management plane so that the idea is is to try to reduce Layton see as much as possible. Express route is obviously that private, dedicated connection, which has low, latent see. So if customers have that, then they might as well take advantage of that to get access to those, uh, much machines so on. And there's, you know, there's an advanced event based scaling service that's currently under development, so that will be coming out in the coming months. Um, for the rest of this year on, just expect a number of sort of smaller improvements dropping into the platform. What I would also say is that, um, going back to my previous point around this being an azure service now what is your provides, Locker said, is a whole host of additional capability that's never been possible to combine with a virtual desktop state. So we should expect to see both from Microsoft and for that matter from, you know, a broad set of partners, which will also increase in number. Um, are things like potentially talking about scaling. We've got a service called I O Tee Hub, which takes telemetry from millions if not billions of i o t enable devices. Now those I OT devices were things like I know a car park, for example, when cars air parking in the car park at the front, although perhaps because of Corona virus, that might not be happy so much, or security barriers where people are swiping their cards to get in. If if that was I ot enabled is your could know that Joe Blog's has just walked through the building at the security barrier, the front, all for the that matter, they we might be able to determine that 75% of our users have just parked up in the car park in the last 20 minutes. Well, let's go in power on all of the search machines required for those users. Um, and we also have a rich pre existing machine learning service which can, you know, do all of this kind of understanding and searching for patterns across vast data sets again. The combination of all of those things can produce some quite interesting capabilities that we could then apply to a virtual desktop. So I'm not saying any of that's coming, But I'm saying what's possible is the combination of lots of different is your services, which exists now. And perhaps new ones that will come on board that can then provide value to an organization is running a wide, um, virtual desktop estate, you know, perhaps operating a significant scale. So 10 20,000 users, for example, So and all of that is really designed to make the user experience better on and potentially driving down costs so we can enhance and enrich the capabilities off your pairing on AM pairing off. You know, large parts of this estate that's going to drive down costs for customers, so provided an overall better user experience toe to the organization

spk_0:   46:29
we'll get. It's amazing to see what's gonna come. Anything else that you want to speak to you. I was

spk_2:   46:36
the only other, perhaps on that is Mawr Azul regions being supported. So as you've probably seen in the preview. And while it's brunch ta, the the management plane only exists in a certain number of visual regions. Now that's gonna grow over time as the platform is pushed out to those additional visual regions on as I don't we seem to be deploying a whole host of new regions recently. So New Zealand, Poland, Italy, or getting usual regions. So that's that's going to grow at a perhaps a similar rate around the globe. So currently, I think you've got 56 regions that are online on. We've probably got another. I've kind of lost track, but maybe 345 regions that have either been announced or under construction over time there was additional is your regions will get that WPD management plane so it it will. The user experience for users distributed all over the globe will continue to improve as those manager of planes get rolled out closer to where their user estate exists.

spk_0:   47:39
Wilson Stefan, Have you got your questions fair?

spk_1:   47:44
No, I don't think so. I've got a lot of information, a lot of new things happening, a lot of a lot of new stuff. This is on his way. I'm really looking forward to teams optimization of Wpd Andi, still waiting for some documentations about theorem templates for the

spk_2:   48:06
new spring, Italy's year, that becoming shortly. That's one of the things that's been our stand. So the probably have said the best. That's definitely coming. Eso again Just watch out for announcements. Think the other thing that's worth saying it is well is keep providing any feedback. So anything that you either have found yourself or from customers, whatever might be. It's great to get your feedback from, you know, feet on the ground, so to speak or directly from the customer. Um, there's no guarantee that anything potentially could happen from it. But, you know, people are listening so that they're very keen to hear problems that customers are facing or requests on their niche use case on. We would do our best to pass that back on, then do our best to, you know, to drive that forward on, then to the Prada group to potentially release that into the future into the platform. So thanks. Thanks for I suppose, everything that you guys do as well.

spk_0:   49:03
So is there teams definitely coming this month And because, uh, every time I read a scene seems coming next month, you just got the next move is it. We got defend date yet. We

spk_2:   49:13
haven't got confirmed date. We've got on intention. That's to say, um so it it should be this month starting in a public preview, like with anything these dates can shift on because this is a quite volatile time in terms of even our developers being able toe to be fully put up. Um, whilst it's an intention is that there is the chance that it can let those dates can slide slightly. But But the point here is it's imminent. So watch watch this space

spk_0:   49:50
neighbor herself in a few colleagues of intestinal if you customers and it actually works.

spk_2:   49:56
It does. Yeah,

spk_0:   49:57
but obviously experience is not as it could be here. Um, it's quite a lot of CPU hit on the on the Vietnamese, but yeah, it works. It is, but wouldn't want a ball outside production. No.

spk_2:   50:09
And you probably won't want to run it out. Thousands of users now you're right. It does work, and I've been using and actually have have, you know, you know, at low scale, obviously, but have not being able to find any problems with it. But that's probably because on just myself, But, um, it especially to shows the platform itself and the product is, you know, is in a good shape as it stands today. It's just this sort of the optimization is that we just need to get across the board to finish that. Yeah.

spk_0:   50:41
It. Yeah. Anything else that you want to speak Teoh somewhere about Stefan? But no, not for me. Get what will think the rest of your afternoon back. Going to jail, son. Yeah, Makes it

spk_2:   50:55
changed on that. How

spk_0:   50:56
was your butt? Right. It was good.

spk_2:   50:58
It was good. Yeah. Um, although my son's bike broke on the way there, so that was a bit annoying, but it was just nice to be outside. Rather than being get the same four walls every single day,

spk_0:   51:09
every single day. It's gonna be nice to get back to normal.

spk_2:   51:15
It will be. Actually, it will be nice to get back travelling and meeting people.

spk_1:   51:21
No, it will. They Sometimes I think

spk_2:   51:23
it would take some time. Yeah. Yeah.

spk_0:   51:26
Good. We'll end it on. Thanks for your time. Something you continue support for the community. I'm so continue what you're doing. No. Yeah,

spk_2:   51:36
no problem, Haxhi. Happy to help. No problem. Thanks.

spk_1:   51:39
Thank you very much. Thank