Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club

21: Dagon

May 27, 2022 Tod Beardsley and friends Season 1 Episode 21
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club
21: Dagon
Podsothoth: A Lovecraft Book Club +
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Show Notes

Tonight's episode is a reading of HP Lovecraft's Dagon, which was first published in the 1919 issue of "The Vagrant," and later republished in the October 1923 issue of "Weird Tales."

Please be aware: this story contains depictions morphine addiction, suicidal thoughts, the odor of rotten fish, Piltdown man, and an unkind characterization of Pacific Islander religion. If any of these are likely to unduly bother you, please stop listening now.

Note, I expect to have the discussion episode edited and published early next week, possibly even Monday. We went a little off the rails recording it, so it'll be an editing challenge. :)

Special thanks to Master Pancake Theater for mentioning the podcast during their riff of Conan: The Barbarian! Robert E. Howard was a contemporary and friend of Lovecraft, so it was totally appropriate to watch while editing this episode!

Ambience provided by Creaky Wooden Pirate Ship on the High Seas in a Thunderstorm.

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