Get Yourself a Proper Job

Dan Evans: Episode 3

June 17, 2020 Simon Topping Season 1 Episode 3
Get Yourself a Proper Job
Dan Evans: Episode 3
Show Notes

Dan Evans first appeared on the comedy circuit in 1994, shortly after leaving a promising career as one of East Anglia's leading office menials.

Since then he has played clubs and universities throughout the UK and gigged in Holland, Germany, Dubai and Ireland as well as being part of the sell-out Screaming Blue Murder Cabaret and Avalon Comedy Zones at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Dan's TV and radio appearances include Brain Candy (BBC3 & 2), Channel 5 at The Store, Channel 5 Comedy Zone and the Radio 2 Stand Up Show.

He writes too, with many credits including The Very World of Milton Jones (R4 - Sony Award Winner), Rory Bremner Who Else? (CH 4), The Eleven O'Clock Show (CH 4), The Live Floor Show (BBC 1), Revolver (BBC 1) and The Joan Rivers Position (CH 5).

'Skilful and surreal' The Scotsman
'Original and inventive' The Times

Here we talk about Dan's childhood, how he loved to set a fire and the fine art of messing around.  Dan talks about his career, how to get yourself into a good frame of mind to write comedy well and why having a few drinks before you get on stage rarely makes you funnier. 

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