STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia
You Have the P.O.W.E.R!
You Have the P.O.W.E.R! 41:14 Meet Carnellia Ajasin: Defining Yourself, Knowing Your Boundaries, Be the Expert 43:43 Meet Katrina Strohl: Career Coach; Boundaries Strategist; Taking Up Space and Owning Your Agency 39:34 Meet Dr. Ti'ara Griffen: 1st Generation College Students; Earning the Right to Innovate 47:49 Meet Susanne Tedrick: Its Never Too Late to Get Into STEM; We Need All the Letters in DEI 47:00 Meet Dr. Toshia's Book List 2021 34:45 Meet Erica Joy Baker: Its the Computer for Me, Love of Tech, and Being Yourself 1:04:09 Workplace Trauma: What Is it and How To Deal With It? 36:20 Meet Julia Rock: Career Coaching Advice for Women of Color in STEM 42:40 Meet Dr. Semarhy Quinones: Its Okay to Not Know, Changing the DNA of STEM, and Combining the Arts into STEM. 44:08 Meet Alisa Carson: 31:11 Meet Aicha Sharif: Creativity, Boredom, having No Limiting Beliefs and Rocket Club 42:38 Meet Paula Garcia Todd: Being Curious; Asking Questions; Doing the Research; and the Importance of Building a Community 39:33 Meet Shemika White: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone; Taking the Long Route, and being a HairDresser 42:10 Meet Dr. Treva Brown: The Scientist and the Beauty Queen 52:43 Meet Neferteri Strickland: Be the Beta Tester; Caverns of Disconnect in K-12 and STEM; the Importance of Diversity of Thought in STEM and Education 47:30 Meet Neirda Lafontant: STEM vs STEAM Debate; STEM Should be Fun 44:31 Meet Dr. Angelique Adams: You're More Than a Diversity Hire 44:46 Meet Tiffani Teachy: Pushing the STEM Agenda; Imposter Syndrome; Being An Author; Doing "The Work" 29:34 Meet Rasheeda Williams: Go Get It-ness; Stereotype Buster; Being a Speaker Box 46:48 Meet Dr. Lauren Quigley Part 2: The Social Justice Conversation 32:33 Meet Dr. Lauren Quigley: The "Hidden" Curriculum; Data Science and AI; Consider STEM as a Vehicle for Social Justice 53:43 Meet Tinisha Bookhart: Recruiting and Retaining Minority Talent in STEM; Paying It Forward 45:11 Meet Adriane Simpson: Being a Bully Coach; Always Be Interviewing; Learning the Art of Storytelling 56:04 Meet Mary Chaney: Ransomware Is the Devil; Titles; Integrity Matters 48:36