#62 Read This: Midworld (1975) by Alan Dean Foster

April 28, 2022 Andy Johnson Episode 62
#62 Read This: Midworld (1975) by Alan Dean Foster
Show Notes

Alan Dean Foster has a very extensive catalogue of SF works under his belt, most notably in his “Humanx Commonwealth” universe, which centres on an alliance between humans and the intelligent insectoid species the Thranx. Midworld, published in 1975, is a superb standalone novel in this setting - albeit one which doesn’t feature the Thranx. Instead, it is set on a nameless, verdant, and hostile jungle planet which is home to the descendants of humans left stranded by a starship crash many decades earlier. In the book, Foster tells an enthralling story within a brilliantly realised and convincing setting - and very likely inspired Avatar.

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