#68 Gambling with the stars: Gateway (1977) by Frederik Pohl

June 26, 2022 Andy Johnson Episode 68
#68 Gambling with the stars: Gateway (1977) by Frederik Pohl
Show Notes

Frederik Pohl (1919 - 2013) had an incredibly long career in science fiction. He wrote, edited and worked as an agent for over 70 years, from the early 1940s right through to the end of his long life. Gateway is a key work in the second wave of his writing career, which began in 1969 after a long spell helping others to get their stories published. Originally serialised in Galaxy magazine, Gateway was a major success which won both the Locus and Nebula Awards for best novel, and the John W. Campbell award.

This episode is a short review of the novel, which features abandoned alien starships, sexual hang-ups, AI-assisted psychotherapy, and space-prospectors gambling with their lives at faster-than-light speeds.

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